Letter: Where did the signs go?

Several years ago (8?), the people living near the Chatfield High School softball fields were sent a survey by the City of Chatfield regarding the parking along Burr Oak Avenue. Shortly after that, no parking signs went up on the west side of Burr Oak Avenue. The reason that needed to happen was because of the safety of the spectators attending the softball games.

It may be inconvenient for people attending the games, but have you encountered any of the kids darting onto the street between the cars? They come up the hill from by the fields and run up…you can't see them. The culvert pipe with the fencing right by the road is an attractant to the kids. If a softball is hit over the fence foul, those kids run out without looking. There are a lot of kids there every game playing near, and in, the road. I believe the baseball fields have those same signs.

It is a pain to pull out of my driveway when games are going on, but I get that. We live by the school and the softball fields. It's always busy. The situation of getting out of my driveway did not change with those signs. I am not writing this for this reason.

The ones who I have problems with block my driveway when they park. There was a large softball tournament this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and I couldn't believe all the cars parked on the west side of the street. The no parking had not been patrolled very well by most of the police, but it was safer…less cars. But it was packed this weekend. The signs were gone, but the posts were, and are, still there.

I thought maybe they were taken down for the tournament, but I found out that the city, or the school, decided to take them down. It had been discussed that because people had received tickets for parking there, and the right person complained, they were now gone. But, according to the City Council meeting minutes on June 24, “The no parking signs along Burr Oak Avenue near the softball fields were discussed, and will be brought back at a later meeting.”

So, you just take them down? Convenience wins over the safety of the several kids, as well as other spectators, that visit the softball fields. There is a parking lot right there as well as the school parking lots not far from the fields. I have been to several schools for games that I've had to walk further than that. These signs were up before the parking lot was there. Please, for the sake of the kids and families who come to Chatfield, put those signs back up.

Kari and Paul Cousineau