Letter: You may dislike taxes, but think of community

Dear neighbors, 
I dislike paying taxes, especially property taxes, but I do it for our community. Just as someone paid taxes so that I could learn to read and write well, it is our duty to support our children in learning to read and write and compute fractions as well as showing up every day. Education is costly, but not teaching children in our cities and townships is even more costly. I may need nurses' aides someday or a good plumber when Phil Sheldon retires. 
Yes, I don't like every decision the School Board and administration make. I know that institutions and the people that run them are sinful. I want to acknowledge people's hurt and disappointment when the elementary and middle school in Wykoff was closed. But the decisions were made, and now it is time to do the best we can going forward. 
Taxes fund important values. My priority is to pay teachers, custodians, cooks, aides for handicapped children. The extra money is really needed so community children can learn in our own community. When you vote in the upcoming Kingsland referendum, think of the children. They need you to vote yes on the operating levy. Show them that you want the best for them.
Karen Grandall
Spring Valley