Letters to the Editor from SG students

Spring Grove needs indoor basketball court


To the editor,

Spring Grove needs an indoor basketball court. The reason why we need an indoor basketball court is so people can play basketball in the winter.

With an indoor basketball court people could play games and also practice. To be able to use the court, people would have to pay a fee to enter. With the money, the city could pay for basketballs and other things needed.

Basketball games can be played at the indoor court and there could be games every Saturday. People from other towns may come and play and it would be fun. If there are no gyms open for practice at the Spring Grove school, people could use the indoor court.


Karson Betcher


Bike trails would keep kids safe when outdoors


To the editor,

As a kid I like having the freedom of riding my bike in Spring Grove, but my parents worry for the kids that are always riding on the main road. This is why I think that we need bike trails for both kids and adults.

Biking on a bike path will keep kids from getting hurt. A bike trail will keep kids from jumping the curbs, riding in the street, and getting hit by cars.

Biking is also very fun and good exercise for kids. It will keep kids in shape and they will also get to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Providing bike trails could also bring money to Spring Grove with increased tourism.


Gabe Klug


More trash cans would keep city cleaner


To the editor,

In my opinion, Spring Grove is a wonderful town. We need more trash cans to keep it that way.

After the Syttende Mai celebrations there is a lot of trash lying around. At the parks around town (specifically Trollskogen Park) there is a lot of litter as well.

As you can see, we need more trash cans around Spring Grove. Maybe the town can add a few more trash cans here and there. We can also have more trash cans available for litter during the Syttende Mai celebrations.


Addison Turner


More snowplows would help city


To the editor,

Spring Grove is a neat town, but I believe that we could use more snowplows especially when it snows.

It would be safer for adults and kids if they cross the street. I see too much snow on the ground when it snows. It would be safer for everyone if the roads were clear of snow. I see snow and ice on the roads a lot and I think that we need to make that change.

I believe we could hire more people to plow the roads. Another idea is that we could have people plowing the roads more often. I would just like to have more safety for our town. Thank you for your time.


Reagan Storlie


Littering a problem


To the editor,

Many towns suffer from littering problems. Unfortunately, our town is one of them.

Littering can cause many problems with wildlife, some animals can choke on trash that lazy people throw around town. For instance, some people throw trash out of car windows, out of their pockets, and drop trash along paths thinking that no one will notice that they "dropped" it. Some people report littering problems on trails and roadsides, some people pick up the trash, we need more kind people to do the same.

It is bad for our planet to have litter all over. Littering is a big problem, and it needs to stop. Certain animals are suffering every day because of litter, and it is not fair to them. For example, many people throw beverage cans out of car windows, some animals could try to eat them and choke or get hurt.

Maybe we could help stop littering by getting more trash cans in town, and more volunteers to pick up trash.


Carley Lewis


More sidewalks needed in NW Spring Grove


To the editor,

To encourage the people of Spring Grove to get out more, we should install sidewalks on the northwest side of town.

It would be much safer for kids to walk. As for myself (and other people who would like to run) we can't because there are no sidewalks to use on the NW side of town. Drivers would feel safer, too. I have a sister who can drive now and she is very conscious of kids walking in the street.

If Spring Grove installs sidewalks on the NW side of town, we can have more citizens happy and relaxed.

Thank you for your time reading my letter.


Madison Lile


Sidewalks need to be fixed


To the editor,

Spring Grove has nice wide sidewalks, but they are very dangerous.

I suggest that we fix our sidewalks so people don't fall and hurt themselves. People could trip and fall on the cracks because the sidewalks are tilted either up or down. Sometimes there are very big spaces in between the sidewalks as well.

This is why I think Spring Grove should fix the sidewalks. If the sidewalks aren't safe, then the citizens will get hurt. Because we have a nice downtown area, safe sidewalks will also make the downtown look nice for visitors. Thank you for your  time.


Addison Kessler


Parks could use new benches, tables


To the editor,

We all love our parks, but the tables and benches at the parks in Spring Grove are dilapidated. I believe that some parks in Spring Grove can have the tables and benches re-done.

I think we need new benches and tables because they don't have as good as support as they used to. I have many friends who have said they have gotten splinters when they were sitting on them, and I also have gotten some myself. Many benches and tables are broken down and have no support. Also a lot of the tables and benches are very dirty. They have moss and dirt and a lot of gross things on them.

The town of Spring Grove should replace the old tables and benches with metal ones like the ones by Main Street. Thank you for your time.


Hailey Normann


Vandalism on bird trail needs to stop


To the editor,

Spring Grove is a beautiful town, but there is a vandalism problem on the bird trail down by Red's IGA Every time I go on the bird trail I see evidence of vandalism. People are spray painting the signs so visitors don't know what the signs say. People have visited the bird trail and have also seen many bird feeders that were broken.

Vandals are breaking the benches and ruining the bird feeders so others can't sit and enjoy nature and the outdoors.

I think that the vandalism should be stopped. I strongly believe that there should be police presence or responsible citizens should walk through the bird trail to make sure that everything is okay.


Carlie Halverson

School would benefit with new computers


To the editor,

I think our school needs new computers because they keep breaking and falling apart.

The new computers were bought  by the  school about two or three years ago. There are some good things about them. They have good sound and they also have good screens. Some bad things are that the keys always fall off and they are outdated. The broken computers are sickening and it's constant. My writing classroom had two computers out because they are not working. I think that our school can benefit from new computers.

Thank you for reading this message, I hope the school will follow through with my idea.


Cashton Newgaard


Bike lane would make highway safer


To the editor,

Spring Grove has a lot of space to ride bikes, but I think we need a bike lane on the highway. People can't ride on the sidewalks or in the road because it isn't safe for bikers and pedestrians. Parents and kids both like riding bike.

When Spring Grove Cinema shows a movie, or when there is a Syttende Mai parade and people are lined up and down the sidewalks, then it would be safe for everyone to make a bike path.

A bike path from the school along 2nd Avenue, and First Street toward the Fest building would be possible and beneficial for the town.


Cameron M. Nelson-Cody


Skate park would be good for Spring Grove


To the editor,

I would like to write about something that would make many parents proud. Have your parents ever wanted you to get outside more? Well, many kids have heard their parents complaining over and over again that kids won't go outside. Kids stay inside because of video games and because there are not enough things to do outside.

Kids don't just want to go swimming every day in the summer. Many kids enjoy biking or skateboarding. But if kids aren't careful, they could get hurt by cars. That's why our town should get a skate park.

We could have the skate park by the swimming pool, Fest building, Trollskogen park, or closer  to the school. It might work best if we put it  by the  swimming  pool, because  many  people go to the swimming pool during the summer  time. A few people  go the  tennis  courts, too. So, we could have the skate park next to the courts and by the swimming pool.

Thank you for your time.


Laurin Moen


Streetlights would help


To the editor,

I love Spring Grove, it is the best town. I think we need more streetlights.

By the Spring Grove Pop factory at night it can get very dark. It is also dark by the football field at night. On our street there are a lot of dark places and it could be scary for little kids. The cars are hard to see if there are so few streetlights.

Spring Grove should invest in more streetlights that would be great.


Devon Williams

Safe path to pool needed


To the editor,


Spring Grove is a great town with many opportunities. I think that adding a safe path to the pool would help because we all love going to the  pool.

Right now there is a cone line that blocks cars, but that gets crowded. People have to get out of that area and they may hit a cone or a trash can. The path to the pool is downhill, so if kids are riding their bikes it can get so fast that they could hit someone if they try to turn. Fast bikes are not the safest thing to  turn.

Maybe adding a sidewalk would help to keep people safe and get them to the pool without getting hurt.


Tysen Moen

Vandalism on bird trail needs to stop


To the editor,

I am writing to address the problem of vandalism on the bird trail. I love to hike on the bird trail in Spring Grove, but recently things have gone downhill.

People have been breaking signs, ripping up the trails, breaking the branches along the path, and spray painting on the signs.

I remember when the bird trail was a nice peaceful place where you could read all the signs and see lots of wildlife and birds.

But, those times are gone now. You can hardly read some of the signs, which stinks, because the signs are really cool and they tell about all the birds and other wildlife you can see on the trails. I would very much like to see this problem addressed properly.


Christian Bjerke