Love Lights A Tree event in Harmony set for Dec. 8

CHARLIE WARNER/NEWS LEADER The Harmony Area Cancer Support Group’s Memorial Park will host the Love Lights A Tree celebration Sunday, Dec. 8, at 5:30 p.m.
Charlie Warner

The dreaded disease cancer has affected just about every family in our society. It’s something that has taken loved ones away from us all. And during the holiday season we tend to look back upon the many wonderful Christmases we’ve shared with our family and friends.

The Harmony Area Cancer Support Group has been hosting the Love Lights A Tree event for the past five years and will be doing so again this holiday season.

The American Cancer Society's Love Lights A Tree program is a special way to honor and remember loved ones in your lives who have battled the disease. The live evergreen tree, located in Memorial Park in downtown Harmony, will once again be aglow with lights celebrating those who have passed on and those who are survivors.

Harmony’s Love Lights A Tree event will be held Sunday, Dec. 8, beginning at 5:30 p.m. It will include the reading of the names of those who have lost their battle to cancer and those who are survivors. Persons can have their loved ones names included with a $5 donation. Order forms can be obtained at Kingsley Mercantile or First SE Bank in Harmony. The donation and the forms should be mailed to the Harmony Area Cancer Support Group, care of Ann Mraz, 260 Fourth Street, Harmony by Dec. 2.

Last year there were 50 names read of persons who have passed away and another 28 names of survivors. This project raises approximately $400 each year. That money remains in the Harmony area and is given to help defray expenses of cancer patients undergoing treatment.

The Harmony Area Cancer Support Group was established in the 1980s. Through numerous donations the Cancer Memorial Park was created and continues to be maintained.

“The Love Lights A Tree event is a moving ceremony,” Mraz noted. “This is a wonderful way to not only honor our loved ones who are cancer victims and survivors, but also a way to raise money for cancer victims and their families.”