For the love of Spring Grove

By : 
Charlene Corson Selbee

A chic women’s clothing boutique now calls Spring Grove home. Entrepreneur Jenn Gulbranson, the owner of the new West Main Boutique, is not new to owning a business. Gulbranson is also the owner of the stylish Stratford Salon, located in the same building as the boutique. 

The story of the West Main Boutique is not just about a clothing store; it is also about a talented woman and her passion. More importantly, it is about a family dedicated to investing their resources and talent in Spring Grove, the town they call home.

“This store is for the love of Spring Grove,” Gulbranson’ s final words as a visit at the Boutique came to an end last week.

While checking out the racks, Gulbranson will eagerly offer impromptu tours of the building. Not only is it a beautifully renovated building, but it is also a step back into the history of Spring Grove as Gulbranson lists the litany of businesses that have called 106 West Main Street home. 

Gulbranson and her husband purchased the building and immediately began renovating it. After spending many hours chipping paint off the walls, tearing down two false ceilings, removing layers of linoleum, and applying personal touches, the store was ready for business. Gulbranson pointed out the oak counter, purchased by her in-laws from a general store in Hart, Minnesota, “just because” has now found a home in the boutique.  Noticing the crown molding, Gulbranson explained that the molding is custom designed and built by her husband. The molding provides a sense of depth to the room. The wooden barn door constructed in a mere half-hour by her husband draws attention to the safe that was installed when the building was a bank.  

Unique to this store is the sitting area, where you are sure to find members of the Gulbranson family relaxing in front of the fireplace, enjoying a cup of coffee while catching up on the latest news.

The West Main Boutique is a women’s boutique featuring recognizable brands such as women’s Flying Monkey, trendsetting jeans, and Pink Martini, young contemporary women’s clothing.  Gulbranson plans on expanding the line of clothing she carries as she gets to know her customers.  

Gulbranson emphasized, “It is important to me that I develop a relationship with each client.”  

Since it is a small boutique, Gulbranson will be able to select fashions for her customers personally. In January, Gulbranson attended the Northstar Fashion Market at the Saint Paul RiverCentre. The market featured over 65 women’s apparel exhibitors as well as large footwear and accessory categories.  Gulbranson has also attended the renowned StyleMarx in Chicago.

Winter is still upon us in southeast Minnesota, so people can still trek on over and pick up a trendy pair of winter boots. The boots will not only protect your feet from the elements but add style to your walk.

The West Main Boutique is not only a historical building and a women’s boutique and a hair salon; it is also an event center. Public and private events are already on the calendar, so make sure to visit the boutique’s Facebook page for dates and times. Upcoming events include Valentines’ Day and a make-it class. On Feb. 23 at 11:30 a.m., attendees will make chunky hand-knit blankets. Make sure to reserve a seat by going online to to purchase a ticket.

Store hours are Thursday and Friday from 1 to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Remember to like the boutique’s Facebook page, so you know what is going on at 106 West Main Street.