Memories reunited with owners; Herald returns old photos

Jordan Gerard

By Jordan Gerard

Spring Grove Herald

Where there is a will, there’s a way and the Herald had a will to clean out a file cabinet drawer of old photos.

The “way” was offering a chance for the public to come in and look through the photos from years and years of printing weekly editions. 

If the viewer was in the photos or knew someone in a photo, they had first chance to claim the photo and keep it or get it to the right owner.

We asked those claiming photos to date the photos if it was not stated on the photo and describe what was happening in the photo and name the people in the photo.

Jan Lee Buxengard found several photos she recognized including a 2003 County Memorial Service and a photo of Model T cars in Caledonia, in addition to others. 

Sharon Olson found several photos of friends and two class reunion photos.

The remaining photos from this session were given to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center to be digitized and kept. We have more photos that will become available soon from Syttende Mai to UffDa fest. After Uffda Fest, the remaining photos will go to Giants again. 

A sample of the photos included anniversaries, graduations, local events and clubs, local people and so many more. The numbers fluctate from year to year, but an estimated 700 photos are published every year in weekly editions, including front page photos, inside photos and back page photos, in addition to mention the photos that go in advertisements.

Newspapers generally did not return photos to owners before modern technology, like computers or emailing where digital copies could be saved. The costs in postage would have been astronomical to a paper and sometimes photos did not have a return address. 

Since it’s been years and years since we’ve needed these photos published, we thought it was time to return what we could back to their owners.