Mobil station lasted in Spring Valley until 1998

By : 
Mary Jo Dathe

Art Christopherson's Mobil Station, shown in the accompanying photo about 1956, was formerly a Husky station in a smaller building.  It is located on Highway 63 and East Main.  We have very little to share with you:

Note the '41 Chevy owned by Dean Fenstermacher near the bay door.  We can see the Mobil sign -- the flying red horse plus the Goodyear Tires, and maybe "Lubrication" on the door?

There are three or four gas/diesel fuel pumps -- like where were the storage tanks?  Underground?

At one time the station was owned (operated?) by Phil Wolfgram, then Loomer.  Len and Lee Rentschler took control of it the last 30 years.  Apparently in '98 the city decided it was “in the flood plain" and Len and Lee decided to give it up after 30 years; Len decided to go to Mayo Clinic to work.

Another story:  Around June 20,1908, there was a severe hail storm.  Art Christopherson said that at his father's farm a mile south of Ostrander the hailstorm not only stripped trees and badly damaged buildings, it also killed pigs and cattle.  He said the hailstones, as large as a man's fist, were piled on the ground "as high as the doorknobs." 

This building is still standing across the street from the light plant; now Grafix On the Go – it is still in business! 

You may see the end of the gas stations...we wonder how many are in town at the present time! 

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