More names added to Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial

JAN LEE BUXENGARD/SGH Antoff aligns the rubberized stencil on the monument. His father Harley looks on. The Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group received the names, verified the veterans’ service and thus, the names are added to the memorial.
By : 
Jan Lee Buxengard

Thirty-six more names have been added to the Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial.

When it was dedicated last June during Spring Grove Homecoming, the memorial contained names of 1,030 living and deceased veterans who honorably served our nation both in peace and in war. 

On an annual basis, the Spring Grove Area Veterans Memorial Group (SGAVMG) would add names as they become known.

On May 8, Scott Antoff of Winona, an independent contractor doing work for La Crosse Memorials was busy adding 34 names to the memorial. His father Harley, was with him for an extra set of hands when needed.

The process began at La Crosse Memorials where a stencil was made using a computer. Die cuts of the letters were partly made into a rubberized stencil. After the back sheet of the stencil is removed, the sticky side was aligned onto the monument, pressed into place and then duct taped to keep its position.

Next, Antoff pulled off the letters that were partly cut, and the names were then ready to sand blast. The sand, which is sharp, bounces off the rubber, but penetrates the open spaces of the letters to engrave on the stone.

After this process, the grit is cleaned away, and then Antoff paints the letters in white, which will eventually fade and look like the rest of the names.

The monument includes space for adding the names of future veterans. Contact the SGAVMG for more information.