New council member excited about opportunity

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“I wanted to help improve my community,” stated Luan Ruesink about her decision to seek a Spring Valley City Council position.

She is one of three new Spring Valley City Council members to take office recently. She was elected in the November general election and took the oath of office Tuesday, Jan. 2, during a workshop meeting.

“It is very exciting to be a new City Council member.  I am honored to be elected by the citizens of Spring Valley to the position,” she said. “I like living in Spring Valley because it has been an affordable, safe and welcoming community with lots to offer residents.”   

Ruesink, who has a 17-year-old son, works at Mayo Clinic and enjoys spending her spare time fishing and gardening, hopes to be an asset to the council through her experience as a member of other boards. 

“I have previous governing board experience, as well as supervisory skills, that I feel will be beneficial to the council,” said Ruesink.”I try to remain open-minded and optimistic in challenging situations. Unfortunately, I think one of the challenges the council will face moving forward involves finances.  I try to look at things and topics carefully from many different angles and perspectives before making a decision to ensure that it is what is best for everyone and everything involved in something.   

“I hope to see our community continue being a great place to live and do business in.  I want to see Spring Valley continue to expand our businesses, gain new residents and continue to support our school district.  I hope to be a part of bringing in more businesses to our community, help our current businesses continue to grow and prosper and assist in continuing to make our city a safe and welcoming place to live for residents of all ages.”   

She’s pleased to be able to contribute to Spring Valley’s future by sharing a new insight and perspective on matters. She said she also looks forward to the opportunity to learn a lot from the current council members on many different topics and matters. 

“It is exciting to know that I can be a part of improving our city for future generations,” said Ruesink.