New initiative for conservation planning in Root River watershed

A new conservation planning initiative of the Root River Soil and Water Conservation District covers the entire Root River watershed with two priority areas — Torkelson Creek watershed in Fillmore County and Money Creek watershed in Houston and Winona counties. 

The initiative is a mutual effort between local, state and federal government.

The purpose of this initiative is to get more conservation planning done with landowners and producers, according to Dan Wermager, a water planner/technician with the Root River Soil and Water Conservation District in Caledonia.

A conservation plan is a guide that helps people to manage their land in the best way possible, explained Wermager. It provides ideas about best management practices (BMPs) that landowners may want to implement in the future.  These are practices designed to treat a variety of resource concerns, including soil erosion, soil health and water quality degradation.

“I would be happy to come out to your land to meet with you and do a walkover, and then work to create a conservation plan together,” said Wermager.  “If you then choose to move forward with some of these BMPs, I will be there to help with that as well, and can help you get signed up for the cost share program that best fits your needs and goals.”

Wermager said he will be reaching out to landowners in the priority areas soon, but people interested in more information may contact him at the office: Root River SWCD, 805 N. Highway 44/76, Caledonia, MN  55921; phone 507-724-5261 ext. 3.