New owners put their ‘own flair’ on The Peddler in Lanesboro

Global Mama jewelry, antiques and a refurbished cabinet are on display at The Peddler. SUBMITTED PHOTO

The shop features many handcrafted items made in Minnesota. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Brokke Pfeffer outside her shop, The Peddler, in Lanesboro. MICHELLE ROWLEY/NEWS LEADER

A salvaged chair that Brooke Pfeffer painted and reupholstered with a coffee bean bag. SUBMITTED PHOTO
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A peddler, defined as one who sells small goods, is the perfect description for Brooke Pfeffer who, with her husband, Joel, bought the Coffee Street Peddler located at 107 East Coffee Street in Lanesboro and renamed it The Peddler.

In addition to the antiques for which the shop was known, Pfeffer has added an assortment of colorful sundries reflecting her passions.

Marlin and Ardella Miner, the previous owners, included the inventory of antiques in the sale of the building.

“I’ve always decorated with antiques,” Pfeffer explained. “Once I got in I did want to rearrange it a bit and put my own spin on things, my own flair, and also add some of the other things I love such as fair trade jewelry and home décor. “

Global Mamas, whose mission is to create prosperity for African women and their families, is one of the fair trade lines of products Pfeffer carries. Ten years ago Pfeffer was given the gift of an apron created by Global Mamas, which sparked an interest in working with the organization.  

The new inventory also includes products made in Minnesota.

“I have a lot of friends that have small work-from-home businesses and they’re very arty, crafty and talented. I wanted a place where I can help them showcase their talents and we could all work together,” Pfeffer elaborated. “So I really have three things going on here; the antiques, the fair trade, and the homemade/ made in Minnesota products. It’s three things that I love and I hope other people love it too.”

The Pfeffers, — Brooke, Joel and their four children — moved to Lanesboro from Madelia, Minnesota. They first came to the small town two years ago, attracted by the bike trails and ample opportunities to enjoy nature.

“We really fell in love with Lanesboro and kept coming back, weekend after weekend, and decided to buy a vacation home here,” said Pfeffer.

After one year in their vacation home, they decided to move the entire family to Lanesboro permanently, taking the plunge last September. With the family living here full-time, the children are in school now, “and it’s going really well,” said Pfeffer.

Before they decided to commit to moving here, Brooke and Joel explored ways in which they could make jobs for themselves. Joel is a self-employed contractor, who, with 25 years experience, easily transferred his business to the area.

“I was looking for something for myself to do,” Brooke acknowledged. While they were walking around Lanesboro one day, they saw a note in the shop’s window explaining that the Coffee Street Peddler was for sale.

“We went in, asked about it, and just started thinking about it over the next few months,” she said. “We concluded that it was going to be the right transition for us.” 

Pfeffer’s shop is also adorned with salvaged furnishings she’s revamped with color and panache.

“My thing is painting furniture. I’ve been doing that for years; just for a few friends but mostly for myself. I really enjoy taking something that was about to be thrown out, or sitting useless in a garage, and make it functional, useable, pretty and pleasing to look at,” she said. “Now that I have the space and a venue to market these things, I’ve been spending more time on it; it’s something I really enjoy.”

The Pfeffers spent the winter updating the building and opened for the season on April 4. The Peddler’s spring hours are Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“It’s going to be a summer of experimenting,” said Pfeffer. “I’d like to continue with small, unique, interesting items; hopefully handmade. I hope everything is popular and hope to add even more to the store.”