New sixth grade teacher completes elementary staff

Jordan Gerard

By Jordan Gerard

Spring Grove Herald

The final new addition to the elementary staff at Spring Grove Public Schools is excited for the new school year and feeling welcomed by the community.

Heather Strand will teach a second section of sixth grade this year.

“This is a great small town community,” she said. “When I read the paper, I was happy to see kindergartners involved in graduation.”

She added that the community and people living here have been welcoming. As an example of that, elementary teacher Leanne Kingsley popped her head into Strand’s room to introduce herself and say hello.

This year, Strand looks forward to making connections with her students and teaching them how to do the same. She hopes to teach them how to “pay it forward,” in addition to teaching sixth grade standards.

“One of my big goals is get the students to have self-setting goals they can check off,” she said. 

Students can also expect to learn community building and how they fit into a community. 

“I want to make sure that the kids are learning, they’re cared for and to make the world theirs,” Strand said. “I’m so excited for this year. Everyone has been kind and welcoming.”

Strand and her husband currently plan to build a house near Spring Grove. She has two grown sons and two granddaughters and a dog.