Only mayoral candidate explains why he is running

Tony Archer, who has served on the Spring Valley City Council for 13 years, is the only person to file for mayor.

Archer was appointed to the council in 2005 and was elected for three four-year terms since then. If elected, he would replace Mayor Jim Struzyk, who is retiring after serving many years as the head of the city.

Archer is a registered nurse who has been married for 33 years to Jodie Archer. They have two children — Taylor, 25, and Ellie, 14.

He will be the only mayoral candidate listed on the ballot Nov. 6. The term for mayor is two years.

He was asked to provide a written response to why he filed for mayor this year.

“First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our honorable Mayor Jim Struzyk for his many years of public service and dedication to the community of Spring Valley.

“I am running for mayor to continue to implement our budget plan. We need to keep it balanced, and without surprises to the taxpayers. We continue to work more with less. Our city staff members are cross-trained and working very hard to keep our budget balanced to the best of their abilities.

“I believe that we as a city need to promote our community better. We need to be more aggressive in the areas of economic development, housing, tourism, trails, parks and recreation. We need to explore better ways to promote our community. We also need to update our social networking to make us more inviting to others.

“I would also like to see more city involvement with our community service groups, volunteers, library, school, businesses and emergency services. We need to find ways to get the people of Spring Valley more involved in our community groups, organizations and volunteering.

“I believe that the city and the school district need to collaborate and work together in the best interest of our community. We need to have fewer silos and more partnerships. If you don’t have a school, you don’t have a town.

“We also need to let the new residents and potential future residents know what our town has to offer through social networking, web pages and community service groups expos. Long gone are the days of the Welcome Wagon.”