Ostrander businesses open through construction

While streets in Ostrander are torn up as the city works to repair and replace elements of the sewer system, the city remains accessible and businesses remain open to the public.

Citizens wishing to get to the Ostrander business district will need to approach town from the south along County Highway 1, which can best be reached from Spring Valley by taking US Highway 63 south to County Road 14 and heading west. Follow any posted detours as crews are working on several projects at once and the route may change. Construction crews are working with the city to minimize impact to citizens and visitors alike.

“Ostrander is a country town that is full of compassion,” said Andrea Thayer, owner of Care & Rehab of Ostrander. “The  road construction in Ostrander says ‘Yes, we know Ostrander is a great town and we want to grow into the future’,” and she invites neighbors to come visit the care center and the other businesses in town.

City Councilor Heidi Jones added, “We invite all of our neighbors to continue patronizing our businesses as well as attend our upcoming Uffda Days town celebration July 12 to 15.”

Anyone who is concerned about how to access any particular address or has other questions about the project may contact city of Ostrander offices at 507-657-2505.