Ostrander sets special election in November to fill council seat

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Ostrander’s City Council held a relatively short February meeting, led by Mayor Pam Kunert and council members D.J. Start, Stephanie Start and Vernon Thompson.

New Councilor Dan Hellerud, who was appointed to finish out Heidi Jones’s term, wasn’t present, but a  short discussion led to a motion to hold a special election this November to officially replace Jones so that if Hellerud or other individuals would like to run for the open seat on the council, they may do so. Jones had to resign from the council when she became Fillmore County auditor-treasurer, another elected position.

In other matters, city maintenance worker Jeff Tart revisited the subject of buying a used skid loader for the city, something he had broached at the January meeting because the city borrows equipment from private citizens to carry out city maintenance tasks.  He outlined the bids he obtained from Marzolf Implement, and a representative of SEMA Equipment arrived with bid options as well. 

The council chose to table the matter so that they can review bids and options.  Councilors agreed that Tart could use his own skid loader while the city is processing its opinions on the purchase.    

Mike Bubany, of David Drown & Associates, presented a bond sales resolution for preconstruction engineering fees for planned construction projects this year.  City clerk Wendy Brincks shared information regarding the Small Cities Development grant that the city is pursuing in the sum of $200,000 for final funding needed to pay for the second phase of infrastructure improvements that the city hopes to begin this summer.    

In one other matter, first responder Caleb Hall requested that the city pay for him to be trained as an emergency medical technician (EMT). Councilors agreed because of Hall’s service to the city in his role as a first responder.