Past week spent on the road, getting ready to move

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Dateline: Fountain, Minn., Thursday, July 12, 2018.

After nearly 19 years in Fountain, it’s time to say a fond adieu to this fair community. I’m actually writing this from Pillager, but it will be my last as a resident of Fountain.

I’m on the road again, making another run up to Halstad with some more of our stuff. My son and I started in Fountain on Wednesday (loaded the trailer Tuesday night), drove to Halstad Wednesday and then drove back to Pillager, still on Wednesday. My wife and I will load up the last things in her car and my red Ranger and head out to our temporary home in Halstad.

I retired from the education business back in 1999 and moved to Fountain in October of that year. We spent the first few months in our daughter Cori’s (and Keith’s) basement. I believe we moved into our 306 Third Street residence in the spring of 2000, and remained there until now.

As I mentioned in an earlier WEB, the plan right now is to continue writing for Chatfield and Fillmore Central and keep my weekly Reader article going. I plan to get down to a few games, matches, just to keep in touch and, of course, visit with all our friends and family at the same time. I might even have the chance to be a guest on CCTV . . . who knows?

We’re not really sure where we’ll land once daughter Roberta Jo (and Corey) sell their places up in Halstad. We’re moving into the “store,” which is in town. Feel free to stop by and shop at PaPa and TaTa’s Junk Shed! The DePoppes (Roberta and EY) are thinking of re-locating in the Litchfield area. So with Litchfield and Pillager in mind, the diplomatic choice for a move would be to move somewhere in-between. That could mean Sauk Centre, Albany, Melrose and a myriad of smaller communities. Again, who knows?

I’m sure you’ll hear more of our moving adventure as time passes.

With the Fourth of July on a Wednesday last week, that afforded my wife and I another opportunity to be on the road again. I had to get my WEB done on Tuesday, July 3. I’m beginning to feel a bit like Jason Davis. But with a mere 342,000 miles on my red Ranger maybe the question should be, does Jason Davis feel a bit like Bill Bentson? I shouldn’t even assume that Jason Davis knows Bill Bentson (or WEB), who am I kidding?

On Tuesday, July 3, we had coffee with our daughter, Cori, in Fountain, and then headed out for Pillager after I finished the WEB. On our way to Pillager we stopped off in St. Michael-Albertville and visited with our daughter, Jacqueline. We spent Tuesday night with our son, Jim, and on the Fourth of July we headed out to our daughter Roberta’s in Halstad. We had corn-on-the-cob and a delicious barbecued pork loin off the grill (nice job, Corey). Hmmmmmm. We also played a game of Yardtzee (Yahtzee with big die and a five-gallon pail for the cup). When we got done with the Yardtzee game we got into some “6-5-4.” I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pass on my dice skills that I got at Jonathan’s, Jac’s (Tacades, Blue’s) and JW’s. Even got into “threes are free and poker.”

Thursday morning we headed towards South Shore, S.D., with a stop in Graceville, Minn., to visit the grave of our son, Billy Joe. Our next stop was Stockholm/Strandberg, S.D. Visited the cemetery (Carol’s grandma and grandpa, Ervin and Mary Larson, and aunt Inez) there too and then headed out to South Shore, S.D., and an Eagle Scout ceremony for a family friend of Carol’s (Joey Noeldner, grandson of Chuck Noeldner, one of the original childhood friends). Joey is only 16 years old and has already reached the ultimate goal in scouting. It was a great ceremony and a great honor.

We spent Thursday night in Watertown at the “Jim Noeldner suites” (older brother of Chuck). Friday morning we went to the Watertown cemetery and visited the graves of Carol’s parents (Harold and Lorraine), her other grandfather and grandmother (Earl and Alma) and her sister (Jean Marie). From Watertown we headed towards Windom and a visit with my sister (Janet/Bob, and her family) and a visit to the cemetery of my parents (Elmer and Cordula).

We got back to Fountain around 9 p.m. Friday night, exhausted, but 998 miles of memories.

I got a note from Ross Kramer. He said he didn’t get around to the colleges and nicknames quiz, but he did have an answer for the Gopher baseball coach question, Dick Siebert. Thanks, Ross, for your interest and participation.

I’m sure that everyone who’s reading the WEB knows about the Minnesota High School Basketball Hall of Fame. We had our first induction back in March and are making preparations for our second class in 2019. What kind of bugs me is that we are struggling for financial support. How is it that the Clay Target program can get six or seven new platinum sponsors and the High School Basketball Hall of Fame is scratching for dollars? Where are the basketball fans of Minnesota when you need them? We may not have gotten your favorite player, team or coach on the first ballot, but eventually we will. Nobody is getting paid for doing this. All the money that is raised goes into the operation of the Hall of Fame. Some of us are driving hundreds of miles to be on the committee. We should have people and companies standing-in-line to contribute. Google Minnesota High School Basketball Hall of Fame and get information on how you can help. Thanks!

Post Bulletin Area Baseball and Softball Teams

“About the All-area teams . . . The 2018 Post Bulletin All-area teams (baseball/softball) were picked by the Post Bulletin sports staff, after requesting nominations from area coaches. Players must have been nominated by a coach in order to make the team. This is the second year the Post Bulletin has picked the all-area teams (baseball and softball).”


First team. Player of the Year: Barron Holtz, PEM, senior (NDSU). Others: Reed Davis (senior, Schaeffer Academy), Casey Storlie (Caledonia, junior), Levi Smith (Triton, senior), Ben Ihrke (Chatfield, senior, Augustana, Sioux Falls), Hayden Brown (Rochester Lourdes, junior), Matt Raymond (Lourdes, senior), Joe Bauer (Pine Island, senior), Teddy Tauer (Red Wing, senior), Will Weick (Mayo, sophomore) and Jordan Wright (Century, senior).

Second team: Alex Prindle (Mayo, senior), Caleb Gronholz (JM, senior), Matt Winkle (K-M, junior), Sterling Homard (Century, senior), Hayden Strain (Cannon Falls, senior), Tate Meiners (Caledonia, junior), Aidan Merges (Century, junior), Isaac Bushman (DE, junior), Pat Leary (Lourdes, junior), Sam Warren (Mayo, senior) and Shawn Marg (Rushford-Peterson, senior).

An Honorable Mention list and more information on all of the players is printed in the Saturday, June 23, issue of the Rochester Post Bulletin.


First team: Player of the Year; Lexi Chase, Chatfield, sophomore. Others: Emilee Buringa (St. Charles, sophomore), Halie Retterrath (Austin, senior), Katie Virgin (Lourdes, junior), Carrie Rutledge (Hayfield, senior), Natalye Quam (Z-M, junior), Isabelle Berg (Chatfield, junior), Amber Chapel (Houston, senior), Kate Kruger (Hayfield, senior), Avery Steffen (Z-M, freshman), Isabel Northrop (Cotter, junior), Abbey Gapinski (Lourdes, senior).

Second team: Emilie Rucher (PI, senior), Kylie Swee (Dover-Eyota, sophomore), Britney Meier (Cotter, junior), Margaret Rogers (Lourdes, junior), Kenidi McCabe (Mabel-Canton, freshman), Josie Huelskamp (Cotter, senior), Ali Henriksen (Century, freshman), Alyssa Ustby (Lourdes, sophomore), Hanna Sveen (DE, senior), Torrie Rehder (Goodhue, freshman), Abby Gee (JM, senior) and Lyndsey Quam (Z-M, senior).

An Honorable Mention list and more information on each of the players is in the Thursday, June 21, issue of the Post Bulletin.

Many, many thanks to the Post Bulletin for all the information on the all-area softball and baseball teams. I love this stuff!

What’s in a name?

I’m sure all of you are well aware the University of North Dakota has changed its nickname from the Fighting Sioux to the Fighting Hawks. How much thought was put into the name change? Have you seen this, or heard this regarding the new nickname? HAWKS (How About We Keep Sioux). Coincidence? Who knows?

Did you know that Gretchen Carlson, former Miss America and former Miss Minnesota, is the new chief executive of the Miss America Pageant? Also, the swimsuit portion of the contest has been eliminated.

That is going to do it for me for this week. Maybe I was a little premature saying this is my last article from Fountain. It seems the paperwork on the house isn’t quite done yet. Anyway, hasta luego. Have a great week, one day at a time. I heard the weightlifters did well at the nationals. Will get something in next week’s paper and WEB.

Thanks, Melissa, and all of you for taking the time to read the WEB. It’s also on my website. Later. Hey to the Great 8 and my wife, Carol. Congrats to Kiel Joseph. He’s going to be doing some graphic arts work with the Fillmore County Journal. WEB