Peterson council citing residents for non-compliance

By : 
Judah Torgerud

The Peterson City Council has struggled with citizens who refuse to comply with city ordinances, but during the May 8 meeting they learned the problem may finally be resolved.



City clerk Grindland reported that he’d issued 17 notices for vehicle ordinance violations and 18 disconnect notices for residential buildings. Grindland noted he was “looking for guidance” as for what to do with business disconnects that are needed and Mayor Hallum told him that they should go out when the residential ones do. Business disconnects will go out May 20 and from now on business and residential notices will go out at the same time.

Grindland also noted that an increased fine will be applied every 30 days those who do not comply with the vehicle ordinance. He also addressed some of the specifics of the vehicle ordinance, which can be found in the ordinance section of the government tab at


MN Basic Code Adoption

City Clerk Chris Grindland addressed the council with citizen comments he’d received prior to the meeting. One of the comments concerned fugitive emissions from the grain silos in town, as dust does tend to spread from them and that is supposed to be minimized. The other comment was a complaint about the amount of wood that could be stored in someone’s lawn.

The new Minnesota Basic Code will be discussed and adopted soon by the council. Things that will likely be adopted and/or discussed are; Regulations of the dust/emissions from the grain silos, options for the city to take actions when people let their pets roam, and regulations of floor drains in basements.

City maintenance

The parks grounds were power raked, and an order was placed for more woodchips for the playground. Repairs are planned for bathroom stall doors in the park, and a bench that is leaning too far back.

During the city cleanup an entire dumpster was filled, some appliances were disposed of, and the canoe launch was cleaned as well. Work on potholes has also begun.

There was insufficient power available last year during Gammel Dag, and Councilor  Boyum proposed a motion to upgrade electrical service in and around City Hall. The upgrade would cost about $5,000, and Boyum said the amount will be payed off in about 5 years in incremental chunks by the friends of Peterson. Dave Colbenson seconded the motion and after some discussion the council passed the motion.

Council work

Mayor Hallum requested that any project considered by the city receive two quotes before the project is undertaken. While this was not technically voted on and officially adopted, other council members thought it was a good idea.


The next meeting of the Peterson City Council is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11 at 6 p.m. All members of the public are invited to attend.