Preschool program welcomes new teaching assistant

Rachel Schieffelbein
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 Chatfield Elementary and Community Education are pleased to welcome Rachel Schieffelbein to the Chatfield Community Education preschool program as a new teaching assistant. Schieffelbein previously substituted in the preschool classroom last year, and she joins new preschool teaching staff members Haley Brackett and April McBroom. 
She’s a Chatfield native, having attended kindergarten through 12th grade in Chatfield Public Schools. 
“I did kindergarten through 12th grade right here in Chatfield,” Schieffelbein. “My youngest is in first grade this year, and I guess I miss being around littler kids. The preschoolers are so fun and full of energy. Everything is new and exciting still — working with preschoolers, they’re just learning how this whole ‘school’ thing goes. They learn a lot throughout the year, but the big thing I hope they go home with is the idea that school is a good, fun place to be.” 
After school, Schieffelbein can be found onstage or right back in school, spending her spare time directing high school drama productions, or writing her own creative pieces. 
“I am a big reader. I’m involved in a lot of local theater, including coaching the high school speech team and directing the plays there,” she concluded.