R-P Speech Team earns first place at home contest

Front row (L-R): Olivia Thompson, Zenessa Anderson, Avalon Jacobson, Hannah Linder, Annika Bakkum-Ekern, Leah Himlie, Ayla McNeil, and Breena Pehler. Middle row: Faith Eide, Cole Knutson, Johanna Seifert, Isabelle Olson, Grace Thompson, Xander Auman, Megan Ekern, Mandee Tarras, Christina Scaife, Emma Schuster, and Skye Church. Back row: Jake Johannson, Julia Maynard, Lily Thompson, Cameron Johnson, Jake James and Dylan Payne.

Rushford-Peterson hosted its second annual speech contest on Saturday, March 9. There were nine teams competing after one team decided not to travel due to the anticipated weather. It was a wonderful day filled with almost 115 gifted and talented speakers from around the area.

R-P had 24 entries in the 13 events. After three busy rounds of competition, the results were awarded. The results are as follows:  Skye Church first in discussion; Xander Auman first in poetry; Grace Thompson second in poetry;  and Ayla McNeill fifth in poetry. Leah Himlie first in great speeches; Avalon Jacobson second in great speeches; and Dylan Payne fifth in great speeches. In duo interpretation Julia Maynard and Lily Thompson placed first;  Cole Knutson and Faith Eide second; and Megan Ekern and Mandee Tarras placed sixth. Zenessa Anderson placed first in storytelling. Isabelle Olson placed first in creative expression and Johanna Siefert second. Hannah Linder placed second in prose. In humorous, Olivia Thompson placed fifth and Christina Scaife placed sixth. Breena Pehler placed fifth in extemporaneous reading. In drama, Annika Bakkum-Ekern placed fifth and Emma Schuster placed seventh.  In original oratory, Grace Thompson was fifth; Faith Eide sixth; Jake James seventh; Jacob Johanson eighth; and Cameron Johnson was ninth.

According to Coach Shari Michel, it was a positive day for the R-P team, not only because they gave some great performances, but they also received the critiques that will help them improve. “It was a great day for our students,” Coach Shari Michel said. “Mr. Musselman and I are proud of all the improvements and time these students are putting into each performance.”

In the overall sweepstakes awards, Rushford-Peterson was first, Winona Cotter second, and Fillmore Central third.  The other teams competing were Chatfield, Wabasha-Kellogg, Houston, Lanesboro, St. Stanislaus School, and Spring Grove.

This weekend’s contest is Saturday, March 16 at Winona Cotter Schools for the Three Rivers Conference Meet. There will be three rounds and a final to see who will be crowned conference champions. It is free and open to the public. The rounds are at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m., and 2 p.m. at Gostomski Gym.