Reading fun this summer at your local library

Jordan Gerard

This year’s new summer reading program at Spring Grove Public Library is fun for the whole family with books and movies all in one.

“It’s Show Time!” is the theme of this year’s reading program and the entire family can join in.

“It’s for all ages this year, and for families especially,” director Dawn Johnson said. “We want to make it fun and get reading back into people’s lives again.”

Johnson said kids emulate what parents do, so if they see their parents reading, the kids will most likely want to read too. It works even better when parents make reading fun.

“The better readers kids are, the better learners they are,” she added. “Reading opens up pathways in the brain that you can’t find other places, but reading opens up those pathways. If you’ve got a book you can go anywhere and not leave home.”

So all throughout the summer (June, July and August), the library will offer free movies at the library. Check the library to see what movies are coming up next. It’s also available online at Facebook.

Kids can also fill out an activity log and be entered to win prizes such as free cinema tickets or free candy at the movie theater. 

Johnson hoped many families would be interested in the program this year, as attendance hasn’t been stellar in past programs, due to kids having other activities during the summer.

“Kids read during the school year, but in the summer if they don’t read they experience the summer slide and end up behind when they go back to school,” Johnson said.