Red’s produce manager retiring after 23 years of service

By : 
Jordan Gerard

A familiar face will soon retire from the produce aisle at Red’s IGA Hometown Market.

Sheryl Sherry devoted 18 years at Red’s and five years at Root River Market Cooperative in Houston of working at the two stores.

At the cooperative, Sherry started out in the grocery department and then moved to the produce section. When she applied at Red’s, she was hired as the produce manager.

“I always liked the job. It was never just a job,” she said. “It was a place to come to work.”

Her duties included pricing, ordering quantities of produce and ensuring quality produce like apples, oranges, tomatoes, peppers and all manners of vegetables and fruits were received.

Sometimes she spent days stocking the case, and that gave her the opportunity to meet and visit with customers. 

“Everyone is friendly up there. I always liked visiting and getting to know people,” she added.

The easiest part of her job was stocking shelves, keeping products neat and orderly. The hardest thing would be lifting products that came in large quantities, as a few packages were quite heavy.

Changes Sherry saw in the job were products that are immediately ready for consumer use — just open the bag and eat or prepare. A lot of the prep work has been taken out; for example, customers can buy pre cut bell peppers instead of buying a whole one and cutting it.

As for her retirement plans, Sherry said she plans on spending time with her mother, who is 90 years old. 

She also plans to do the things she’s always wanted to do, but previously didn’t have the time for. For the last three years, she worked six days a week. 

Sherry will also spend time with her three daughters, eight grandkids and three great-grandchildren.

What will she miss the most about Red’s? 

“The people. I will miss working with the people,” she said.

Her last day at Red’s was Dec. 31, 2018, and she is currently enjoying her retirement.