Members Present:  Mayor Hallum, Council members Benson, O’Donnell, Ryman, Linder

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Hallum called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Mayor Hallum noted that the representative from Historic Bluff country (HBC) would not be able to attend tonight’s meeting as originally scheduled.  He will attend the next council meeting.

Motion by Benson seconded by O’Donnell to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of four (4) resolutions regarding pending legislative efforts as recommended by the Southeastern MN League of Municipalities (SEMLM).   Upon roll call all voted aye.

Motion by O’Donnell seconded by Linder to approve the January 21, 2019 regular council meeting minutes as presented. Upon roll call all voted aye.

The Mayor asked if there were any citizens wishing to be heard with no one present wishing to speak.

The following notices were reviewed:

• Handout of priorities from CGMC Legislative Action Day

• Acentek notification of channel changes and increase of certain fees

• Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce (RPVCC) Annual Meeting set for Wednesday, February 20th, noon at Stumpy’s Restaurant – speaker Sheriff John DeGeorge

Motion by O’Donnell seconded by Benson to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following:

• Approval of Verified Claims and Fund Summary Report for period ending 2/11/19

• Approval of the PWD Overtime & Banked Hours Report

• Approval of the Financial Statement and Investment Report

• Approval of the Police Dept. Revenue & Expense Report

• Approval of the Utilities Fund Recap Report

• RPVCC 4th quarter 2018 report on contract activities

Upon roll call all voted aye.

Roger Knutson, Public Works Director, provided a report on upcoming projects and activities for 2019 with a slide show presentation.  It was noted these are potential projects ( in no particular order) and are contingent upon manpower, weather, working around planned projects, working around everyday activities of maintaining the utilities, equipment and infrastructure of the City.  Some of these projects were begun in 2018 and the Council has been provided information and/or photos earlier; some are part of routine upgrades or repairs; some may not get completed this year but will carry over on the to-do list:

• Airport – tree removal, clean out sediment pond, improve drainage water with rip-rap, improvements to fuel system truck access and fencing

• Veteran’s Park – replace shelter north of pathway prior to Memorial Day

• Grove St. and Lamplighters Street Project – support as needed for the project

• Improve alley from Walnut to Prairie St – demo, rebuild and new asphalt

• Home Street from Watt to top – demo, rebuild and new asphalt

• RCBP – straighten out roadway from Enterprise Drive to Reservoir Road

• Garage building addition – prepare site for construction, move fence

• Repair Maple St. storm water

• Clean out storm water ditch behind Elm St. lift station

• Repairs to excavator and grapple

• Replace roof on Winona Street park shelter (Jaycee park)

• Complete bluff park turn-around area with rock gabion at outlook

• Repairs for water drainage Creekside park/pathway area

• Improve kiosk sign near Creekside parking lot with recycled paver stones

• Pool storm drain repairs; repairs to shower heads, valves, grates, leaks

• Tree planting to replace some boulevard trees; spring and fall

• Plantings on 43/16 area with State landscape grant

• Improve ADA pathways to shelters in various parks; improve equipment

• Investigate tennis court repair  options

• Brooklyn well house demo work and manhole work as per wellhead protection plan

• Removal of old/unused digester at WWTP

Public works has much of the equipment and manpower with skills to  complete this work but it was noted again that time, manpower and weather will determine a lot of the progress.  This is not necessarily a comprehensive “to-do” list as some issues may arise that will take priority. Discussion was held on the value of having part-time summer help, as we did last season, to take care of a lot of mowing and weed whipping which would free up others for larger projects.  Having public works personnel able to handle many of these projects saves considerable tax dollars. 

Motion by O’Donnell seconded by Linder to approve Resolution 2019-016 Approving the Exemption from Lawful Gambling License for the Hardwood Country Sportsmen’s Club fund raising event to be held on April 6, 2019 at Nordic Lanes.  Upon roll call all voted aye.

Next item of business was the consideration of taking action and completing appropriate documentation regarding several flood loans.  The following list represents the documentation that the five year term has been met, the 75% forgivable installment ($100,000.00) has been applied and the next installment #5 of 5 of the 20% forgivable amount shall now be forgiven leaving the forgivable balance at Zero.  Because the loan conditions have been met, the collateral assignments applied to the property affected by this loan may be removed.  Approval of Resolutions attached:

Res                          Loan Recipient               Date            Forgivable     Balance

2019-012                 5 of 5         Riverside Electronics     1/26/19                 $  55,643.60                $0.00        

2019-013                 5 of 5         Hoiland Mill                                 3/16/19                       $    9,181.60                $0.00

2019-014                 5 of 5         Jerome Rivers                             4/18/19                       $  24,784.00                $0.00

2019-015                 5 of 5         Semcac                                        6/18/19                       $  29,680.40                $0.00


It was noted these is the final forgivable activity for these flood loans.  Motion by Benson seconded by Ryman to approve the above resolutions as detailed.  Upon roll call all voted aye.

The following resolutions were provided by Southeastern MN League of Municipalities (SEMLM) as voted upon at their 1/31/19 membership meeting.  Administrator Chladek briefly reviewed each resolution providing highlights of the discussions at the SEMLM meeting, noting these are all areas of concern, all works in progress, some have legislators to carry the bill, some are still in that process:

2019-017 Resolution in Support of the Minnesota Housing Tax Credit Contribution Fund (SF404), a tool to incentivize private investment for economic development

2019-018 Resolution in Support of State funding to the Minnesota Initiative Foundations for Rural Minnesota Child Care (SF537/HF422), a tool to provide grant funding to address a recent economic impact study identifying child care as a significant issue for communities to encourage workforce participation

2019-019 Resolution in Support of bonding request for reconstructing Runway 2/20 at the Rochester International Airport, noting the economic impact this facility has in supporting all of southeastern Minnesota

2019-020 Resolution in Support of the Venture SE Minnesota Diversification Revolving Loan Program bill, requesting funding for a revolving loan program for regional distribution, to address the issues identified in the SE MN Regional Economic Impact Forecast Study

Considerable discussion was held noting pros and cons of each item, again noting these are still all works in progress, some will have a direct benefit for us, others a benefit for the entire area, others may not get legislative support this year.  Motion by O’Donnell seconded by Ryman to approve the above four resolutions as recommended by SEMLM.  Upon roll call all voted aye.

Reports and Miscellaneous:

• Openings on Commissions and Boards:  2 for EDA, 2 for Airport, 1 for Electric, 1 for Planning

• Council member O’Donnell reported the Library board would be interviewing three candidates for the Librarian position on Saturday 2/16/19.  In person Beth Nelson of Peterson, two candidates would be interviewed by Skype:  Angela Hernandez of Kansas City and Jeff Singer of Pennsylvania, one candidate declined.

• There are no RP School Facilities/City meetings arranged at this time; at the last meeting the committee indicated they would prefer to complete the Superintendent hiring and get the Paterson school building taken care of first.  It was noted three bids were received for the Peterson building.

• Notes were provided of the meeting held 1/29/19 with CRV representatives.

Motion by Ryman seconded by O’Donnell that the meeting be adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m. Upon roll call all voted aye.

Submitted by: 

Kathy Zacher, City Clerk/Treas.