Reinsurance bill lowered health insurance premiums

To the editor:

Re: Tom Trehus’ recent candidate profile (Oct. 10 issue):

Mr. Trehus’ portrayal of Rep. Davids reinsurance bill (House File 5) that became law as “a handout to insurance companies” was dishonest.

Gov. Dayton’s commerce commissioner said that without reinsurance there would be no individual health insurance market in Minnesota, because insurers were dropping out and premiums were skyrocketing — up to 67 percent at one point.  This crisis was the result of the DFL forcing Obamacare down our throats in Minnesota.

Because of Greg’s bill all five of the carriers on the individual market are lowering premiums for the second year in a row. One by 27.7 percent.

Thomas has become a firearms instructor, apparently an attempt at damage control since he said two years ago that a lot of folks don’t hunt around here with high powered rifles and “they don’t have a place in civilian life.”  Trehus also posted online:  “I think it’s fair to say the NRA is a sick and twisted organization.”

Trehus doesn’t sound like a true supporter of our second amendment rights.

Greg Davids has been effective as a legislator, reducing taxes and improving our health insurance situation in Minnesota.  He has been a consistent second amendment advocate.

Let’s re-elect Greg Davids on Nov. 6.

Gary Steuart