Reminder: City dump in Spring Valley for brush only

Open Forum

We have been residents of Spring Valley going on eight years. We moved here from Rochester as we were attracted by this quaint, lovely town. Although we both work in Rochester, we can't wait to come “home” at the end of the day. Our children and grandchildren love coming “to the Valley” to spend time for holidays, weekends and Ag Days (they wouldn't miss it!). In short, we love our town and what it has to offer.

One amenity we utilize several times a month April through November is the brush dump. From spring and fall cleanup to pruning and gardening, this is a free and maintained site for all to use. We can also pick up mulch (free) when needed to refresh garden beds and it also serves as great bedding for the chicken run!

It is clear when one visits the dump that there are certain areas for certain types of organic refuse. For example: sticks, branches and stumps shouldn't be dumped in the compost area and grass clippings and leaves shouldn't be dumped in the middle of the drive (yes, all the time) preventing clear access for the next person. If you are using trash bags, there is a place (marked) for you to put them and a sign reminding people to adhere to the rules.

On Friday, Nov. 23, Joel went out to the dump with a small load of compostable yard waste and what did he see? An old couch, a recliner and bags of garbage! I couldn't believe it. Spring Valley, we may lose this awesome amenity that is unique to our small town and may find the gate locked some day. Maybe an idea is to only have the dump open certain days and hours to prevent the unlawful dumping of garbage in our dump that is designated for BRUSH.



Jackie and Joel Petrich 

Spring Valley