Road flooding creates dangerous conditions in Fillmore County

Water has damaged County Road 15 south of 120th Street. This is west of Harmony.

ater pools in an area off of County Road 22 between Harmony and the junction with County Road 15.

The Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning to motorists about flooded roadways throughout Fillmore County Saturday evening.

“We are urging our citizens and people traveling in and through Fillmore County to use extreme caution, especially in low lying areas that have rivers or creeks or the potential of water flow,” said Sheriff Tom Kaase.

Initially, the areas that seemed most affected were west of Preston and south of Stewartville in the Spring Valley,Wykoff and Ostrander areas, which received up to six inches of rain Saturday. However, the eastern side of the county is also affected as the southeastern area was reported to have received up to five inches of rain and Highway 43 north of Mabel is reported to have water over the roadway.

Emergency Manager Don Kullot has been out assessing the situation in Fillmore County and the office, as of 8 p.m., was working to get updates throughout the rest of the county.

Since 6 a.m. some areas have received up to six inches of rain with some places getting blasted from 3 to 7 p.m. Some areas were expected to get an additional one to two inches later in the evening.

At one time earlier this evening, a Fillmore County deputy was stranded between County Road 30 and Klondike Road, moving to higher ground before finding a way out. It's easier to see the water over roadways during the daylight, but with darkness coming, Kaase asked that motorists use caution.

“Remember the saying, turn around and don’t drown,” he said.