Runners compete at Luther, Lanning tops junior high field

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The Chatfield cross-country team is experiencing a few injuries at this time, so there are no team scores for either the girls or boys’ varsity teams at the prestigious Luther College meet Saturday.

Traditionally the best runners from Iowa compete in this annual meet.

Chatfield had three varsity girls competing and just two boys at the varsity level.  Finishing first for the Chatfield girls was Beatrice Martin, running the 5K race in a time of 22:17.6.  She was 79th overall.  Also competing for the Lady Gophers were Abbi Gillespie (116th, 23:25.7) and Katelyn Dornack (134th, 23:55.1). A total of 190 varsity gals finished this race.  Dubuque, Iowa, was the team winner and Claire Edmondson (19:03.1, Dubuque) was the individual winner.

Running the boys’ varsity race were Evan Wright (113th, 19:40.6) and Alex Wright (118th, 19:51.2). A total of 168 runners finished the varsity race, won by Jack Pendergast (Cedar Rapids Prairie, 16:19.2).  Prairie also won the team event.

There were 23 boys’ teams and 26 girls’ teams in this year’s races.

Competing at the JV girls’ level were Yarley Arellano (89th, 24:53.9), Ellie Glende (184th, 26:57.1) and Joanna Salerno (287th, 29:19.9). There were 386 girls finishing the JV race. 

As a team the Chatfield JV boys finished 18th out of 20 teams.  Top finisher for the JV boys was Braden Thompson (100th, 20:37.2), followed by Colby Aarhus (251st, 23:07.8), Sam Miron (290th, 23:55.4), Konnor Kivimagi (305th, 24:19.3) and Brennan Hill (367th, 27:08.7). 

The junior high boys finished fifth out of 10 teams.  Treyton Lanning came in first of 191 runners, including boys and girls.  He had a time of 12:00.9 for the 3200m race.  Also running for the boys were Lynn Borgen (32nd, 14:29.4), Gabe Erding (34th, 14:37.6), Colton Guenther (36th, 14:38.0), Alec Armstrong (55th, 15:01.5), Kory Aarhus (136th, 17:21.5) and Bjorn Guzman (160th, 18:02.0).  Scoring, which is different than finishing, for the top five junior high boys was 1, 24, 26, 28 and 35.

Top finisher for the junior high girls was Isabelle Carr (68th, 15:19.5).  That placing was “overall,” boys and girls.  Also running in the junior high race for the Chatfield girls were Anna Kivimagi (82nd, 15:46.5), Savannah Thompson (94th, 15:51.3), Lillian Hanson (108th, 16:14.2), Joselyn Wilson (127th, 16:56.1), Eliana Ruskell (144th, 17:29.0), Elizabeth Schieffelbein (152nd, 17:48.1), Miriana Miron (168th, 18:53.4) and Estrella Cardenas (187th, 22:14.4).  The top five scoring places for Chatfield were 14, 16, 21, 26 and 31.

“We were trying to match the kids with where they would be most competitive,” said coach Chris Frye.  “It worked out well.  Nine of the kids who ran a 5K in our first meet showed improvement in this meet: Martin, Gillespie, Arellano, Glende, Evan Wright, Thompson, Konnor Kivimagi, Hill and Colby Aarhus.  We also saw good progress in our junior high runners.”

Thursday the runners are at Eastwood Golf Course for the Rochester Mayo meet, another very competitive meet with lots of larger schools and very tough individual runners.