Rushford Days updates Alcohol Policy for dance events

Rushford Days organizers have decided to end the open carry-in of alcohol to events held in the Fest Tent. “While we’ve allowed attendees to purchase alcohol at other venues and bring it into the deeded area in the past, we’ve decided to change that rule for 2018,” said Rushford Days chairman Karen Eich. “From now on, fest-goers who enter the gated area will have to purchase alcohol from vendors inside.”

Eich said her event committee thought long and hard before changing the rule. “Changing this law was not something our committee took lightly, but too many people were taking advantage of the previous policy,” she said. “Proceeds from these dances not only help fund the next Rushford Days, but we also like to make a donation to the Fire Department from any profit we realize. The policy was impacting our ability to do both of these.”

Fest-goers shouldn’t recognize that great of an impact, according to committee member Jennifer Hengel.  “There should be plenty of options inside the tent, with prices very similar to other stores,” she said. “There isn’t a festival around here that allows carry-in, so we don’t think the new policy should create too great of a shock to people familiar with these events.”