Rushford mayor elected, second council seat delayed

Chad Smith

City of Rushford voters elected Terri Benson as the next mayor during the recent city election on Nov. 5, in which voters also chose two council members.

Out of 1,063 registered voters, 185 signed in to vote at polling areas while five more voters sent in absentee ballots, bringing the total to 190 (17 percent turnout). Seven new voters registered to cast their votes for the first time in Rushford.

Benson won a two-year term as Rushford mayor as she received 183 votes. Various write-in candidates got six votes, while one other ballot was left blank.

Two seats on the Rushford City Council were up in this year’s election but only one was determined right away. Jim O’Donnell received 150 votes to retain his seat on the City Council over the next four-year term.

The other seat was up for grabs via write-in candidates and two received the same number of votes. Doug Botcher and Leigh Volkman each received 59 write-in votes.

Rushford City Clerk Kathy Zacher said the Rushford City Council was to deal with that at their next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12, which was held after this edition went to press.

Minnesota Election Law 204C.34 states, “The City Council, as canvassing board with the responsibility for declaring the results of this election, shall determine the winner of the election by lot.” Cities have used various means, such as flipping a coin or drawing cards.

Nineteen other miscellaneous names were filled in for the write-in vote.