Rushford-Peterson schools host Cancer Awareness Week

By : 
Chad Smith
Tri-County Record

The Rushford-Peterson Student Council went to work recently to aid in the fight against cancer. The council organized and hosted its annual Cancer Awareness Week February 11-15. The goal was to raise as much money as possible to assist in the cancer research that will one day lead to a cure.

“The school has been doing Cancer Awareness Week for many years,” said Dena Matheson, Student Council Adviser. “The event used to be run by the Senior’s ‘Give Back Group’ and formerly was called ‘Pink Out Week.’ A couple of years ago, the Senior Give Back Group disbanded, and the Student Council took it over.

“This year, we did a lot of different activities with kids at different grade levels,” Matheson said. “Elementary students received Purple Hand Prints, which they took home. If the students lent a hand and helped a family member, a friend, or a neighbor, they collected a dollar donation and their hands went up on the ‘Helping Hands Wall’ in the lunchroom.”

The High School and Middle School Student Councils worked together to organize a walking taco feed during a recent wrestling meet, as well as at a boys’ basketball game in early February.

“The school staff also got involved by putting together some silent auction baskets,” Matheson said. “We had them out at various games and the public could bid on, so we raised money that way too.

“The student council also sold t-shirts that said, ‘No One Fights Alone.’ We sold those to other students and family members, plus, we offered a business sponsorship too. The businesses would each pay $50 and have their names on the back of each t-shirt.”

At a different boys’ basketball game, the student council also played ‘Musical Chairs’ at halftime. People would put their names into a drawing and then played a special edition of Musical Chairs. “They had to bounce a basketball as they moved around the chairs,” Matheson laughed. “When the music stopped, they had to move quickly and make a basket before hustling back to get in a chair.

“We also passed around collection baskets at different events, including wrestling meets and boys’ and girls’ basketball games,” she added.

Matheson said final totals are unavailable as students are still collecting money, in part because the council had to put in a second order for t-shirts because of the demand.

“Up till now, we’ve collected over $5,000 to date,” she said. “Once we finish collecting all the funds, we’ll donate the money to Fillmore County Relay for Life – The American Cancer Society during one of their upcoming meetings.”

Matheson said the Cancer Awareness Week is always hectic, Old Man Winter made this year even more of a challenge. “We had some snow, so a wrestling meet was moved to Saturday,” she recalled. “The girls’ basketball game got moved to an earlier start time as we were anticipating snow. It turned into a whirlwind couple of weeks.”