Rushford-Peterson Schools look toward future with time capsule

Students, faculty and staff attend the ceremony to place items in the capsule and install it.
Jordan Gerard

One hundred years from now, students at Rushford-Peterson Schools will have a glimpse of life from the year 2019. That opportunity was recently created, thanks to a time capsule that will be installed in the cornerstone of the R-P school building.

The time capsule is meant to be opened a century from now, and will allow new generations to enjoy and ponder history.

According to R-P superintendent Chuck Ehler, the capsule was an idea suggested by the school's contractor as they were building before the cornerstone was installed.

"Any time you have new construction like a school, it's exciting to get people involved," Superintendent Chuck Ehler said.

On August 19, 2119, those opening the capsule will be able to see items such as class pictures with signatures of students, a school letter, diploma, music sheets, a photo of the graduating class, a daily planner, school memorabilia, T-shirts and lunch menu, among other items.

The capsule was installed behind the cornerstone of the building, which has the year 2017 on it, to signify when it was built.

It's also the first-ever time capsule Rushford-Peterson has had. The special event was commemorated on May 30, the last day of school for students.

It was also a way for students to get better connected with the new school and a great way to end the school year.

"It was a great opportunity to bring people together, to bring that part of history alive for students so they understand the importance of the time capsule," Ehler said. "The students enjoyed it very much."