Rushford Village Council finalizes 2019 rock bid, revisits water issues

By : 
Scott Bestul

With the memory of slick winter roads still fresh on their minds, the City of Rushford Village accepted a bid for next year’s road rock at their April 16 meeting. The council also received citizen input on the effects of recent high water issues that plagued village residents recently.

Road rock

Mike Torgerson, from Bruening Rock Products, presented a bid for road rock for the council’s consideration. Bruening, which also supplied last year’s road for the village, was the lone bidder on the contract. Torgerson’s figures were as follows:

• Class 2-3/4” Road Rock – Unit price per ton: F.O.B $7.75/Delivered and spread $8.99.

• Class 2-3/4” Road Rock – Unit price per yard. F.O.B. $10.46/Delivered and spread $12.14.

• Ice Rock – Unit price per ton: F.O.B $8.69/Delivered and spread $15.35.

• Ice Rock – Unit price per yard: F.O.B $11.73/Delivered and spread $20.72.

The council briefly discussed the prices in the bid, which were slightly higher than 2018, but not significant. The council voted unanimously to accept the bid from Bruening Rock Products.

Water issues

Three residents appeared to address the council during the “Appearance of interested citizens” portion of the meeting. Jeff Bellock joined Donna and Doug Fowler, who had appeared at the last meeting, to question the council about progress on addressing water issues that had occurred during the previous month.

While the discussion jumped from specific areas affected by high water and flooding, Mayor Johnson urged that residents have patience as the board seeks long-term solutions to high water issues. “Derek [Olinger] from Bolton and Menk did a walk-around with Travis (Scheck) and Mike (Ebner) recently to look at problem areas,” Johnson said. “Derek will have a proposal that will address these issues, hopefully by the next meeting.”

“Is there a way we can communicate with him [Olinger] as residents?” Doug Fowler asked. “Once the plan is drawn up, citizens will have something to comment on and give their input,” Johnson replied.

After some brief discussion about the upcoming plan, talk turned to how improvements will be funded. “Do only south Rushford residents pay for it?” Donna Fowler inquired. “How will that work?” Johnson said that there are grants available from groups like CEDA, but they would have to be applied for and received. “At this point we don’t know what’s available. Does everyone in the city have a responsibility? There will be opportunities to have that dialogue once there’s a plan in place. The council will decide based on facts.”


Planning and zoning director Pettit reported that his committee is working to revise flood plain management ordinances for the village. “We need to do this in order to be in compliance with FEMA and the DNR,” Pettit said. “Without revisions to this ordinance, we won’t be eligible for FEMA flood insurance. Once we pass the ordinance it gets sent to the DNR for review and approval. Then there’ll be a public hearing.” The council voted to approve revisions to the flood plain management ordinance.

In other committee happenings, Pettit reported that he expects more permit applications to come in as the weather warms. Among those permits approved were: #1308 – Brian Moran for a lean on shop and dormer main shed, #1309 – Sierra and Phillip O’Shaughnessy for a new dwelling, and #1310 – Mike and Patty Ebner for two garage doors.


Director Travis Scheck reported that the village’s Freightliner truck was having some braking issues and needed to go in for maintenance. The council agreed that this was a necessary expense and advised that Scheck schedule an appointment with the dealer in La Crosse, where they have had previous work done.

Scheck noted that a pump basket had once again been plugged and required cleaning. He also reported that he had visited the home of Yvonne McElmury, who had appeared at a previous meeting to inquire about water draining issues where the village street met her property. Scheck said the repair was fairly easy and would be dealt with.


The next meeting of the Rushford Village City Council will be held Tuesday, May 7, at 7 p.m. All members of the public are encouraged to attend.