Sen. Tina Smith supports Minnesota farmers

Open Forum

With partisan gridlock paralyzing our national government and Congress’ inaction on passing an agricultural bill our nation, and especially we Minnesotans, are fortunate to be represented in the Senate by such qualified individuals as Tina Smith.

Although Sen. Smith has only been in the Senate for eight months, she’s been working non-stop the whole time. Fighting for a seat on the Agriculture Committee she’s been an advocate for Minnesota farmers and as a key author of the legislation that passed the Senate this past June. Agriculture and rural communities are the foundation of Minnesota. Whether it’s the main street hardware store or the local locker plant or bakery, Minnesotans need a strong farm economy. Tina gets this! This is why her work in strengthening the current crop insurance program, helping young workers get into farming and expanding broadband for all Minnesota are issues that matter and affect all of us here in the state. Tina Smith is working for us and deserves our support and vote this November.

As a small business owner and an avid advocate for farming, I’ll be voting to return Tina Smith to the United States Senate and encourage you to consider doing the same.

Bob Sixta