Snapshots in time: Stop by the Herald to collect old photos

Jordan Gerard

If you missed a chance to come into the Herald office and look through our box of old photos, we are offering the photos until Uffda Fest in October.

After Uffda Fest is done, the photos will be given to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center for them to digitize and keep.

While taking over the office in June 2017 and doing some general cleaning, Herald staff found a drawer full of old print photos they felt should be returned to the owners.

“Old” is a word that here means “at least more than 10 years old.” Well, we finally got around to deciding what to do with them and thus during Syttende Mai week, we invite people to stop in at the office and look through our boxes.

Basic rules are photos will go on a first come, first serve basis. We are not responsible for feuds over photos. If people want a copy of the same photo, our advice is to make copies at Wal-Mart or on or other photo business you prefer. 

If you can lay a claim to the photo, such as “That’s me when I was x years old,” or “That’s my cousin when she got an award,” or other situation, you can have the photo.

If you see a photo of someone you know and know they wouldn’t be able to collect the photo (such as if they live far away or don’t go out much), you can take the photo as long as you make an effort to return the photo to them.

The only thing we ask is that you allow us to take a photo of you with the photo(s) you find and then write an estimated date for when the photo was published and write a little something about it.

And if you don’t think your photo or someone you know is in these pictures somewhere, trust us, you are. Even the editor is pictured in these photos; three times to be exact.

So if there’s a class photo and your classmate gets to it first, you’ll have to ask them for copies.

The latest class photo we’ve found is the Spring Grove High School Class of 2016, when they were kindergarteners enjoying a performance from Jim Busta and his accordion. 

Some photos have names or dates on them. When you look at the photos, please check the back of the photo to ensure it shouldn’t go to someone else.

There are a lot of group photos, class, individual, engagement and wedding, events photos, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and overall general photos.

You might be wondering how we acquired so many photos. Before digital technology saved us physical space and took over digital space, newspapers received photos by mail or from visitors.

The usual policy was that newspapers did not return photos because they might need to print them again, and secondly, postage costs money, even if the submitter wanted the photo returned.

It would have cost many cents and dollars to return the amount of photos one newspaper office received throughout the year. 

And now we’ve decided to return them because we would have no reason to re-run photos many years old. 

We feel an appropriate amount of time has passed where we would not need to re-run the photos.

And with today’s digital technology, reader-submitted photos can be copied and shared as many times as the user likes.

So come in during business hours and find your photos from now until Uffda Fest.