Solum, McHugh are all-conference; Lile also honored

Conference volleyball honorees from left are Amelia Solum (All-SEC), Addyson McHugh (All-SEC) and Maggie Lile (Honorable Mention All-SEC)
S. Lee Epps

Spring Grove senior Amelia Solum and freshman teammate Addyson McHugh were named by Southeast Conference coaches to the 2019 All-SEC Volleyball Team. Freshman Maggie Lile received honorable mention. McHugh and Lile were the only two freshmen among 29 honorees. In the 11-team league, Spring Grove was one of only five squads with multiple First Team selections.

Kenidi McCabe of Mabel-Canton was the Player of the Year. The three-time all-conference junior is also Class A All-State for the second straight season.

Half of the 18-player First Team are repeat honorees, including a pair who are all-conference for a fourth season - Olivia Christianson of Lyle/Pacelli and Riley Queensland of Grand Meadow.

Solum, the lone Lion senior, played around the rotation as a 5-foot-7 outside hitter.  While displaying senior leadership off the court as well, she was consistently among team statistical leaders in all of her roles as hitter, server and defender.

She led the Lions with 432 digs (5.2 digs per set), picking up her 1,000th career dig at the Waukon Tournament. Solum also led the team in serve receives (375) and passing average (2.09). 

With 96% accuracy from the service line, she was second in serving percentage. She was also second with 220 points scored.

With the second-most number of attacks, Solum was also second in kills (186) and among the hitters, in hitting efficiency (15%)

McHugh, although seeing some action as an eighth grade letter winner in 2018, was a surprise to conference rivals with her ferocious freshman performance at the net and service line.

On the front row this fall, the 5-9 middle hitter led the Lions in points scored (376), kills (291), kill percentage (37%), hitting efficiency (21%) and scoring blocks (44).

Moving into the serving rotation this season McHugh was second with 41 ace serves.

Lilewas on the varsity roster as a seventh grader before lettering for the past two seasons as an eighth grade libero and now a 5-6 freshman outside hitter. She was strong in every facet of the game.

After a late preseason injury, she missed several early matches but still posted some impressive numbers. She led Spring Grove in serving percentage (96.7%) with 14 aces and was second in passing average (2.04).

Lile was third in points scored (135), digs (215 or 3.64 per set), kills (120) and among front row players, hitting efficiency (12%).


All-Southeast Conference Volleyball 2019

Player of the Year – Kenidi McCabe, Mabel-Canton

First Team All-Conference


Kenidi McCabe, jr. S/OH……………3rd year

Payton Danielson, sr. OH…………..2nd year(H.M.'17)

Sarina Stortz, sr. MH…………………………… (H.M. '18)

Jordyn Newgard, jr. MH


Riley Queensland, sr. OH………….4th year

Isabelle Olson, sr. Lib………………2nd year(H.M. '17, '16)

Hailey Hindt, jr. MH

Madison Hindt, jr. S/RS


Sydney Taylor, jr. RS

Ella Cambern, soph. S

Malia Tessum, soph. Lib


Amelia Solum, sr. OH

Addyson McHugh, frosh MH


Megan Erickson, jr. MH……………2nd year

Meredith Taylor, jr. Lib


Ellie Buchholtz, jr. OH……………..3rd year(All-TRC '17)


Jennifer Albrecht, sr. MH…………..2nd year


Olivia Christianson, sr. MH……….4th year


>>>>Honorable Mention

Meghan Eastlee, sr. S Grand Meadow….2nd year

Molly Lee, soph. OH Mabel-Canton

Maggie Lile, frosh OH Spring Grove

Morgyn Otte, jr. S Randolph

Payton Benson, sr. OH Lanesboro

Becca Rostad, jr. Lib Houston

Caitlin Miner, sr. MH Kingsland

Sam Volkhart, soph. MH LeRoy-Ostrander

Abby Neve, sr. S Lyle/Pacelli

Audrey Park, sr. Lib Schaeffer Academy

Gracie Dahlum, soph. S Glenville-Emmons


FIRST TEAM- 7 seniors, 8 juniors, 2 sophomores, 1 freshman

FIRST TEAM- 7 outside/RS hitters, 7 middle hitters, 3 setters, 3 liberos

FIRST TEAM- 9 of 18 First Team repeat as either all-conf. or Hon. Mention

Retaining eligibility: Lanesboro 3, M-C 2, GM 2, Randolph 2, SG 1, Kingsland 1




Mabel-Canton*.14-0 (34-3 season)

Spring Grove..10-4 (19-10 season)

Lanesboro……..10-4 (16-14 season)

Kingsland………7-7 (8-22 season)

Houston…………4-10 (6-21 season)


Grand Meadow*…….12-2 (22-12 season)

Randolph……………….7-7 (12-10 season)

LeRoy-Ostrander.…...5-9 (8-16 season)

Schaeffer Academy…5-9 (6-15 season)

Lyle/Pacelli……………3-11 (3-18 season)

Glenville-Emmons….0-14 (4-21 season)

*division champions


Spring Grove Volleyball 2019 

home matches in bold;  *conference matches 

>>>19 wins, 10 losses (10-4 SEC)

W at Randolph* 3-1    

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander* 3-0


at M-C Tournament

W vs. Houston 2-0

W vs. Grand Meadow 1-1

W vs. Lanesboro 2-0

W vs. Kingsland 2-0

W vs. Rushford-Peterson 2-0

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2


W at Lanesboro* 3-0   

L vs. Mabel-Canton*           0-3      

W at Schaeffer Academy*3-0

W vs. Glenville-Emmons*3-0

W at Houston*3-0       

W vs. Kingsland*3-1


at Waukon Tournament

L vs. Crestwood 0-2

W vs. De Soto

L vs. MFL MarMac 1-2

W vs. North Crawford 2-0

W vs. Lansing Kee 2-0


L vs. Lanesboro*0-3

W vs. Grand Meadow*3-0               

L at Mabel-Canton*0-3

L vs. Caledonia 0-3

W vs. Houston*3-1

L at Kingsland*2-3     

W at Lyle/Pacelli* 3-0


W vs. Houston 3-0

L at Fillmore Central 0-3


B-team Volleyball 2019

>>>8 wins, 7 losses

L at Randolph 0-2

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0

L at Lanesboro 1-2

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

W at Schaeffer Academy 2-0

W vs. Glenville-Emmons 2-1

L at Houston 1-2

W vs. Kingsland 2-0

W vs. Lanesboro 2-0

L vs. Grand Meadow 0-2

L at Mabel-Canton 1-2

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-1

W at Kingsland 2-1

W at Lyle/Pacelli 2-1


Freshman volleyball 2019

>>>7 wins, 6 losses

L at Randolph 0-2

W at Lanesboro 2-0

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

W vs. Glenville-Emmons 2-0

W at Houston 2-0

W vs. Kingsland 2-1

W vs. Lanesboro 2-1

L vs. Grand Meadow 0-2

L at Mabel-Canton 0-2

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-0

L at Kingsland 0-2

W at Lyle/Pacelli 2-0


8th grade volleyball (SG team is all seventh graders)

>>>13 wins, 4 losses

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0

W at Lanesboro 2-1

L vs. Mabel-Canton 1-2

W at Schaeffer Academy 2-0

W vs. Lanesboro 2-1

W vs. Grand Meadow 2-1

 L at Mabel-Canton 1-2

W vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-1

W at Kingsland 2-1

W vs. Lansing Kee

L vs. La Crescent-Hokah 1-1

L vs. Caledonia 0-2

W vs. Cotter 2-0

W vs. Lewiston-Altura 2-0

W vs. Lewiston-Altura 2-1

W vs. La Crescent-Hokah 2-0


7th grade volleyball (SG team is all sixth graders)

>>8 wins, 8 losses

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 2-0

W at Lanesboro 2-0

L vs. Mabel-Canton 0-2

W vs. Houston 8th grade 2-1

L vs. Houston 7th grade 1-2

W vs. Lanesboro 2-1

L vs. Grand Meadow 1-2

L at Mabel-Canton 1-2

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Houston 2-1

L at Kingsland 9-2

W vs. Lansing Kee

W vs. La Crescent-Hokah

L vs. Caledonia

W vs. Cotter

L vs. Cotter