Spanish long-term substitute excited about teaching students new language

GRETCHEN MENSINK LOVEJOY/NEWS LEADER Martha Haugerud will be filling in as a long-term substitute for seventh through 12th grade Spanish classes this fall.
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

“I was born in Montemorelos, Nuevo León, Mexico, and I will be teaching Spanish,” related Martha Haugerud, who is Fillmore Central High School’s long-term substitute for seventh through 12th grade Spanish. She said she is excited to join the Fillmore Central staff and share her knowledge of language with students.

Haugerud stated that when she was younger, she knew she wanted to be a teacher and a writer. “I chose to become a teacher because I love to teach, I like to support students to learn more and more. It is a very great profession. I like to share my passion for the Spanish language,” she said.

She graduated in 2000, and attended Escuela Normal Profr. Serafin Pena to be an elementary teacher, and FOCIM to get her master’s degree.

“I graduated in 2005 from Serafin Pena in Mexico. I have been teaching since 2005 – I taught all grades in elementary school in Mexico,” Haugerud continued. “I was teaching in Mexico for 12 years in elementary school, and I was principal at the elementary school for my last year in Monterrey, Mexico. In 2017, I moved to Minnesota, and in April 2018, I started working at Harmony Kids Learning Center as a preschool teacher and teaching Spanish in the 3-4 and 4-5 classrooms.”

Haugerud then decided to go to Fillmore Central because she thought it was a great opportunity to keep teaching Spanish and doing something good for the community. “I want to be an active member, professional, a good teacher, always communicating with my students and coworkers. I want to do a great job,” she added.

The most important thing for Haugerud is to promote that her students will learn Spanish, but at the same time, they should have fun. “To learn Spanish is a big challenge,” she said. “To learn everyday speaking and reading could be interesting, and I don’t want to say it would be hard — but a good challenge. The wrong idea about Spanish is it’s hard and boring, but it isn’t – it could be very fun with the right directions and activities.”

She looks forward to doing fun activities including music, cooking, crafts, field trips, activities that the students will like. “I want to help students to enjoy learning Spanish, to open their eyes to the Hispanic world, to be able to communicate with Spanish talkers. And importantly, they should be able to learn about how to be a world citizen helping their communities, empathetically supporting each other, making good choices and having good life prospects.”

Haugerud lives in Canton with her husband and their dog. “I got married in September 2017. My husband is Mark Haugerud, and we own a German shepherd named Yako. Our family is small, but hopefully will get bigger later. I love to travel with my husband and Yako, to cook different meals, to write different stories, to read books about home décor, to do shopping, make up courses, to spend time with my friends, watch movies, and I love to sleep when I can.”