The special meeting of the Rushford-Peterson School District #239 was called to order by Chairperson John Linder at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at the Rushford-Peterson Schools Forum Room, 1000 Pine Meadows Lane, Rushford, MN.

Members Present:  Chris Grindland, Joyce Iverson, John Linder, Jeff Michel, Bonnie Prinsen and Kathy Wade

Howe arrived at 5:35 PM.

Members Absent:  None

Administration Present:  Superintendent Charles Ehler, Angela Shepard & Jake Timm

District Office Personnel: Laura Hahn

Moved by Iverson, seconded by Michel to adopt the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Board members took turns stating the letters of the candidates they were leaning towards interviewing. After discussing all of the candidates, the board selected the following applicants for the first round of interviews for the Superintendent position; Joel Timmerman, Jon Thompson, Scott Loeslie, Todd Lee & Shawn Yates. The board indicated that if any of the above candidates declined an interview, applicant’s F & K would be the alternates.

Moved by Iverson, seconded by Prinsen to approve the 5 candidates and 2 alternates for first round interviews to be held on Thursday January 31st and Friday February 1st. Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Howe, seconded by Wade to approve the reference check questions to be used when calling the applicants references. Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Prinsen, seconded by Iverson to approve the final draft of the initial interview questions. Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Wade, seconded by Michel to approve having a speed study completed to determine if speed should be reduced on Hwy 43 by the crosswalk on the intersection of Pine Meadows Lane and Hwy 43. Total cost to be split with the City of Rushford. School District portion not to exceed $3,500. Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Grindland, seconded by Howe to approve a collaboration with the City of Rushford and the DNR on a trail grant to install a walking trail from Nannestad Lane, behind Eiken Drive to the school district’s main parking lot. Total cost estimate for the trail is $260,000 and will be split between the City of Rushford ($55,000), School District ($55,000) and the DNR ($150,000 – trail grant). Motion carried unanimously.


Monday, January 28, 2019 – Regular Monthly Board Meeting – 5:30 PM – R-P School’s Forum Room

Moved by Prinsen seconded by Michel, to adjourn the special meeting at 6:23 PM.  Motion carried unanimously.

John Linder, Chairperson

Bonnie Prinsen, Clerk