Spring Grove Public Schools awards seniors with scholarships

On May 29, 2019, graduating seniors were awarded scholarships and awards during the annual Awards Night. 

The following is a mostly complete list of who received what awards. Editor’s note: if we receive more awards or have changes on the awards listed here, we will list those in a future edition.

National School Choral Award: Rhiannon Skauge

Almore Mathsen Director’s Award: Gabe Prahl

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Ashton Towne

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Kai Bjerke

Female Athlete of the Year: Mariah Edgington

Male Athlete of the Year: Alex Folz

American Legion Post #249 Scholarship: Noah Elton, Alyssa Johnson, Sydnie Kampschroer and Rhiannon Skauge.

Run from the Sun Scholarship: Kendra Waldenberger

Compeer Financial Scholarship: Kendra Waldenberger

MiEnergy Scholarship: Rhiannon Skauge

Tri-State Substitute Teaching Scholarship: Ethan Matzke

Poet Bio-Refining Scholarship: Rhiannon Skauge

Syttende Mai Royalty Scholarship: Emily Guberud, Ashton Towne, Maria Myrah and Rhiannon Skauge.

Commercial Club/Lions Club Scholarships

Academic: Maria Myrah, Alyssa Johnson, Kendra Waldenberger and Rhiannon Skauge. 

Fine Arts: Ashton Towne and Rhiannon Skauge

Athletic: Alex Folz, Mariah Edgington

Attendance: Kendra Waldenberger

Citizenship:  Ethan Matzke

S&G Memorial Scholarships: Noah Elton, Mariah Edgington, Alex Folz, Alyssa Johnson, Kai Bjerke, Ethan Matzke, Kyleigh Doering, Takoda Boyd, Kailee Olerud, Sydnie Kampschroer and Hailey Conway.

Merchants Bank Scholarship: Sydnie Kampschroer

SG Education Association Scholarship: Kailee Olerud

Gaylord Halverson Memorial Scholarship: Hailey Conway

Schmidt Scholarship: Takoda Boyd and Maria Myrah.

Norman Lloyd Ellingson Scholarship: Kendra Waldenberger

Burtness Estate Scholarship: Rhiannon Skauge

Sundet Scholarship: Mariah Edgington, Alyssa Johnson, Ashton Towne, Kendra Waldenberger and Rhiannon Skauge.

Carlton Kroshus Scholarships: Alyssa Johnson and Rhiannon Skauge.

Andrew J. Gray Memorial Scholarship recipient will be selected by the Luther College directors of the Norsemen and Aurora Choirs.

Schmitz: Maria Myrah and Takoda Boyd

Kroshus: Rhiannon Skauge and Alyssa Johnson

Normal Lloyd Ellingson: Kendra Waldenberger