St. Johns students celebrate everything 100

First grade students dressed up as “old” people include, from left, Henry Hill, Emma Haddad and Tucker Heusinkveld. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Second grade students dressed as 100-year-olds for “100 Day” at St. Johns Lutheran School in Wykoff. Seated are Elsa Eickhoff, left, and Kesley Hunemuller. Standing, from left, are Lincoln Soltau, Westin Voigt, Ben Frazer and Sawyer Heusinkveld. SUBMITTED PHOTO

St. Johns Lutheran School first and second grade students celebrated “100 Day” to mark 100 days of school on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

The students dressed up as centenarians for the occasion. The “old” students, taught by Susan Nash, also participated in special “100 Day” math lessons and wrote journals telling what they would do if they had $100.

Following are the writing selections of the students.

Lincoln Soltau: If I had $100 I would give 5 percent of the money to the Salvation Army. Give some of the money to the Red Cross to help with disasters. The rest I would buy tickets to go to wrestling meets.

Kesley Hunemuller: If I had $100 I would give it to the poor, and buy a house for the homeless, help my grandpa pay for his surgery and help others, too. I love horses so I might buy one.

Westin Voigt: If I had $100 I would buy school supplies. Then I would use some more money to pay for my Grandma Marcelle to live in the nursing home. Next, I would give some to the poor. Last, I would save the rest in the bank.

Sawyer Heusinkveld: If I had $100 I would save it in the bank because I will buy a house for when I get married. Because if I did not have $100 I could not buy a house.

Ben Frazer: If I had $100 I would save it in the bank so I can get $200. I would give that $200 to the church and I would work hard to get $100 again.

Henry Hill: If I had $100 I would get uniforms for people on a ranch to wear. Everyday I would give the people $1.

Elsa Eickhoff: If I had $100 I would give to chapel and church. Because I know they will give it to the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Tucker Heusinkveld: If I had $100 I would buy food. I would buy clothes, boots, snow pants, and hats and mittens to be safe and warm.

Emma Haddad: If I had $100 I would ask my mommy to put it in a bank, and take some out and get Blaise and Holland something. I would give Holland a doll and Blaise a race car.