Stewartville wins ‘the Shoe;’ conference meet next week

Cooper Frederick keeps pace on the home cross-country course. CHRISTINE VREEMAN /CHATFIELD NEWS
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Chatfield runners hosted an annual cross-country meet this reporter refers to as “the Shoe” because part of the trophy consists of a cross country/track shoe, and an award plate for the champions.  The shoe was part of Adam Frye’s gear when he ran for Chatfield a few years back.

Scoring for the meet held last week is based on the times of the top five male runners and the top five female runners for each team.  Stewartville is this year’s winner, a repeat champion from last year.  The Tigers had a combined time of 202:01.9, finishing a little bit more than six minutes ahead of Rochester Area Home School (208:23.0).  Chatfield was third this year, 215:40.9, followed by Austin Pacelli (236:05.5) and Blooming Prairie (245:47.5). 

Separately, the Stewartville girls were No. 1, followed by RAHS, Chatfield, Pacelli and  Blooming Prairie.  Top three girls were Kailee Malone (Stewartville, 20:17.3, last year’s winner), Kayla Christopherson (Pacelli,20:34.8) and Laura Pedelty (Stewartville, 21:08.8).

Top finisher for Chatfield was Aletta Strande (ninth, 22:25.0).  The other six varsity runners for the Lady Gophers were Beatrice Martin (11th, 22:47.2), Katelyn Dornack (16th, 23:29.3), Abbi Gillespie (17th, 23:33.5), Isabelle Berg (20th, 23:49.9), Kaylee  Maker (23rd, 24:55.6) and Savannah Thompson (25th, 25:39.4). 

Top three individuals for the boys were Alex Lawrence (Stew, 17:56.6), Jakob Ratelle (Stew, 18:29.3) and Jesse O’Driscoll (Schaeffer Academy, 18:31.8).

Top finisher for Chatfield was Alex Wright (ninth, 19:24.3).  He was followed by Treyton Lanning (12th, 19:37.3), Evan Wright (15th, 19:48.9), Brady Woltz (19th, 20:08.3), Cooper Frederick (22nd, 20:37.2), Braden Thompson (23rd, 20:46.1) and Colby Aarhus (32nd, 22:05.2).

Both the varsity girls and boys ran a 5,000-meter course.  The JV was also 5K.

Junior varsity girls results: Isabeele Carr (first, 25:41.8), Yarley Arellano (second, 25:44.9), Anna Kivimagi (third, 26:13.4) and Joanna Salerno (sixth, 27:33.1).

JV boys results: Sam Miron (ninth, 24:33.8), Konnor Kivimagi (10th, 24:41.8), Joey Steien (12th, 25:47.1) and Brennan Hill (13th, 27:38.4).

Junior high boys results: Gabe Erding (ninth, 14:01.2), Colton Guenther (10th, 14:04.3), Lynn Borgen (14th, 14:28.8), Alec Armstrong (15th, 14:55.5), and Kory Aarhus (31st, 17:45.3).

Junior high girls: Eliana Ruskell (10th, 15:41.3), Lillian Hanson (12th, 16:08.2), Elizabeth Schieffelbein (23rd, 17:55.3) and Mariana Miron (24th, 17:55.5).

The junior runners had a 3,200-meter course. 

“We're continuing to make progress as we approach the championship part of the season,” said head coach Chris Frye.  “Our home course is very tough, but two kids ran their fastest time of the year there, and despite not running all out at Lewiston, 16 more ran their fastest time of the year there. We normally don't run at Lewiston because it's just two days after our meet, but we did this year because they host conference and we wanted to get some experience on the course ahead of that meet.” 

The conference meet is Oct. 16 at Lewiston.

“We have a few nagging injuries, but I expect everyone will be ready to give it their best by then,” said Frye. “It should be an exciting meet.”

Girl varsity runners at L-A were Strande (22:15.1), Martin (22:20.4), Dornack (22:41.1), Gillespie (22:48.7), Maker (24:34.5), Arellano (24:56.4) and Thompson (25:39.0), in order of finish for the Chatfield team.  In spite of not running all out, the Chatfield girls were fifth in the meet.  Stewartville won the meet, followed by Lourdes, Byron, La Crescent, Chatfield, Pacelli, Pine Island, Lanesboro/Fillmore Central, Wabasha-Kellogg, St. Charles, GMLOS and Kingsland.

Varsity runners for the boys at L-A, in order of finish for the Chatfield team: Lanning (18:53.7), Alex Wright (19:00.3), Evan Wright (19:31.1), Woltz (19:36.1), Thompson (20:10.0), Frederick (21:34.0) and Aarhus (21:36.5).  Chatfield finished eighth as a team.  In order of finish for the teams were La Crescent, LARP, Byron, Stewartville, PI, St. Charles, Lourdes, Chatfield, WK, DE, GMLOS, Kingsland and LFC.

JV boys running at L-A: Kivimagi and Hill.  JV girls: Kivimagi and Carr.  Junior high boys: Guenther, Erding, Borgen, Armstrong, Aarhus and Bjorn Guzman.  Junior high girls: Ruskell, Joselyn Wilson, Morgan Klankowski, Lizzy Frederick and Neha Nanda. 

The JV teams did not have enough runners to get a team score, but the junior high boys were eighth of 10 teams and the girls were fourth of four teams.

Tuesday the cross-country runners were scheduled to run at Plainview-Elgin-Millville.  Tuesday, Oct. 16, is the TRC meet in Lewiston-Altura.  The Section 1A meet is on Thursday, Oct. 25, at Northern Hills, Rochester.