Still waiting to hear Democrats’ platform to make country better


I have written earlier that an anonymous source should raise a red flag. I am going to for the first time, so bear with me. I, as most people, were taught two things not to discuss, politics and religion. Although it can be done with the right people. 

My anonymous source, a staunch and loyal Democrat, and I, a loyal Republican convert, met at Sweets Hotel and we discussed politics. Neither of us raised our voices or made ludicrous comments, we simply discussed some of the problems facing our country and its people. We agreed on everything we discussed, the only thing we couldn't understand is why our representatives can't do the same thing? It is such a simple thing to recognize the problems our country face although it may be a little more difficult to find the solutions but that should not be too difficult if the politics are left out.

It was easy to discuss politics with my source as he was well informed and had a reason for his beliefs. We left as friends. Will we discuss politics again? Who knows? It is the following part that my source said he did not want his name associated with and I respect his privacy.

Now I am going to do some finger pointing, which will change the attitude of any conversation. 

I am still waiting to hear what the Democrat platform is to make our country better for its citizens. Some of the Democrats are saying they are going to bombard President Donald Trump with investigations, which, if they are honest, will be fake charges.

Some are saying they want to impeach President Trump as well as Justice Kavanaugh. After two years of the Russian investigation they have not one scintilla of evidence but they did punish some of his supporters. This is poor politics. If this is the reason they ran for office they are there for all of the wrong reasons. If anyone voted for those politicians for those reasons, they are uninformed voters.

With the attitude of these misguided politicians, we will not have effective border laws or policies. Dreamers will be left hanging in limbo. Healthcare will not be solved. President Trump will not be able make fair trade deals with China. They will try to alienate our allies and blame President Trump. It will be the end of Make America Great.

What may happen is the economy will stagnate back to the Obama era with a GDP (gross domestic product) of two percent. With an open border, the low-income citizens will never earn a living wage, especially minorities. Cost of the social safety net, with an open border, will go up caring for illegal immigrants instead of helping the homeless and needy like those in California. Taxes will go up to pay for the expanded safety net, especially for business. If businesses go overseas again will they ever come back? If this scenario plays out, the unskilled and minorities will become unemployed or be working for the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Who loses? The American people.

According to an MSN poll, 65 percent of the people would not support a candidate who will spend their time in office as an obstructionist or would waste time and taxpayers money trying to take down the president. Keep track of your Congressman and Senator and make sure they are trying to solve America's problems. Make sure they are doing what we elected them to do. If they don't, make their time in office short and vote them out. We don't need any more division. 

Roger Dietrich

Le Roy