Students battle over their knowledge of books

Submitted This year’s B.O.B. winning team was Book Gods. Team members pictured are in front, Lyric Stadtler; in back: Christian Bjerke, Bryce Berns, Jacob Olerud, Grayson Azevedo, Emmet Engeldinger, Hailey Normann, and team captain Hailie Kittleson. They each received a custom-made BOB Champion button made by Karen Fried.
By : 
Marlene Deschler

Battling over books is a favorite activity of students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades at Spring Grove Public School. 

Their annual battle took place near the end of the school year. The students began reading the selected books that they would be battling over at the beginning of the school year. 

Each team tried to read as many of the 74 books from the list as possible so that they had more “ammunition” during the battle.

Teams for Battle of the Books are mixed grade-level. Each of the 10 teams had a sixth grade student as the team captain and they all worked together to create a team name. 

Prior to the battle, the teams meet to figure out strategies for how they are going to get as many books read as possible. 

For example, they may divide out book titles for team members to read. As the school year progresses and they get closer to the battle date, they may start to duplicate reading the same books because it is helpful to have more than one team member know a book. 

Three competitions were held over a period of a little over a week. During competitions, questions are read to the student teams and they buzz in when they know the answer. Their answer has to be given in the form of book title and author.

Bev Nelson, recently retired Media Generalist at Spring Grove Public School, began the Battle of the Books program. The students were concerned that with her retirement at the end of the 2017 school year that the program might not continue. 

“I never even considered not keeping it going,” remarked Susie Jahnke, Media Center Aide. “We’ve built up a really good program and I wouldn’t want to let that go. The kids get excited about it and it keeps them reading. I’ve even had some sixth graders ask if we could extend B.O.B. into junior high next year so they could do it again!”