Syttende Mai does well with new committee, Musikk Fest

Jan Lee Buxengard/SGH Audrey Almo demonstrates rug braiding at the Legion front room during Syttende Mai. Many artisans demonstrated crafts such as lefse making, rommegrot making, wood carving, knife making, hardanger and many more.
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Jordan Gerard

Spring Grove’s Syttende Mai celebration and the first annual Musikk Fest went off without a hitch this year.

The celebrated weekend “exceeded expectations,” Syttende Mai Committee President Patrick Longmire said. Especially for a new committee, this event was a great success.

“None of us had ever done it before,” he said. “We had nothing to base it off, but driving by the park and seeing it full of people was awesome.”

Funds from the celebration will go toward next year’s celebration, but some of those funds will also be given back to the community and volunteer groups.

Longmire said the committee plans to give $1,000 to the Spring Grove Fire Department, $50 to Spring Grove Boy Scout Troop #55 and $300 is to be split among local police departments who helped with Musikk Fest, the Houston County Sheriff’s Posse and the Spring Grove Ambulance.

“The entire Syttende Mai committee wants to thank the community, volunteers, sponsors, vendors and everyone who made this a huge success and supported it,” Longmire said. 

More than 50 volunteers helped with various tasks around town. Longmire said it was easy to set people at a station and they knew what to do. A lot of people were willing to help out.

“It went better than I would have dreamed for the first year,” he added. “There wasn’t ever a time when something went majorly wrong. No fires to put out.”

Though members of the committee have attended Syttende Mai as fest-goers, this year was their first to plan the event. They mostly had scribbled notes from previous years to guide them.

Perhaps the toughest part was deciding how much money to spend on what. The goal was having enough for people to do and to stay in town.

“We didn’t want to stretch ourselves too thin,” Longmire said. 

Syttende Mai Committee Secretary Sammy Eiken said it was nice to have a committee that worked well together.

“They were open to ideas and willing to make it happen,” she said. “I feel like it went really well.”

Next year, the committee plans to focus on events in the park and bring in more food options. They also want to focus on activities for middle-aged kids.

Suggestions were baseball cages, basketball hoops and possibly a dunk tank.

“We’ve heard a lot of feedback,” Longmire said. “We want to get vibes from people who attended. We’re open to new ideas.”

The committee plans to host a second Musikk Fest and get two touring acts.

The next planning meeting will likely be held in August. The Syttende Mai committee will also organize the circus coming to town on Aug. 2 this year.

“It’s a new committee, so we’re hoping for new (people) to get involved in the planning process,” Longmire added. “You never know who you’re going to attract. Bring new people in and show them what we’re doing here.”

Contest results

Parade units were not judged this year.

Cornhole Tournament

1. Cobra Kai

Andy Graff

Ben Pierzina

2. No Really, He’s the Goofy One

Michael Taggart

Johnny Mulholland

3. Team Cervases

Michael Kirschbaum

Matt Miller

4. Tony & Jason

Jason Oefstedahl

Tony Konkel

Pedal Pull results

The following is results for ages 4 to 11 for the Pedal Pull held during Syttende Mai.

Age 4

1. Easton Sexton, Eyota

2. August Klug, Caledonia

3. Carson Nordsving, Canton

Age 5

1. Kaden Klug, Caledonia

2. Lane Stinson, Dakota

3. Jadyn Sherburne, Spring Grove

Age 6

1. Kellyn Smith, Mason City, Iowa

2. Layli Sexton, Eyota

3. Ryland Moen, Spring Grove

Age 7

1. Oliver Cornella, Spring Grove

2. Kolin Betcher, Spring Grove

3. Kylie Stinson, Dakota

Age 8

1. Ian Sexton, Eyota

2. Elijah Stinson, Dakota

3. Lance Peterson, St. Charles

Age 9

1. Addison Kessler, Spring Grove

2. Madison Lyle, Spring Grove

3. Siri Konkel, Spring Grove

Age 10

1. Jacob Solum, Spring Grove

2. Axel Vix, Sheldon

3. Isaac Klug, Caledonia

Age 11

1. Kohl Betcher, Spring Grove

2. Garrett Waldenberger, Spring Grove

3. Bryce Berns, Spring Grove