Take honest look at issues, demand more from ‘leaders’

The politicians who rail against single-payer government-managed healthcare are the same people who voted it for themselves. Why won’t they give it up if it is so destructive? They also voted themselves life-long pensions that are more lucrative than anything we dare imagine, but want to cut social security.

It is hypocritical for people who receive Medicare, social security, farm subsidies, public school education, drive on public roads, use the internet, use the products of university research such as medications, benefit from disaster relief or expect military or police protection to rail against socialism. The U.S. is the most capitalist country in the developed world. It is also the most economically unequal. Even billionaires admit this form of unregulated capitalism isn’t working for most Americans.

If you are against abortion, you must support sex education and access to universal free or low-cost birth control because that is the most effective way to prevent abortion. You must support universal access to housing, good food, excellent public education, free parenting classes and universal healthcare because being pro-life should not end when there is an actual life to be concerned about.

Just a question about Space Force and the ever-increasing military budget. When will the kids in Flint get safe water? What are we protecting if we can’t afford safe drinking water for our children?

Unless you are ready to pick vegetables in the sun all day for less than a living wage, you don’t get to be against immigrants coming to do those jobs. Shouldn’t we prosecute the employers who hire the immigrants? They wouldn’t come if they couldn’t get jobs.

People working full-time should be able to afford an apartment, food and healthcare. Does a dollar spent by a person making $15 per hour stimulate the economy less than a dollar spent by a billionaire? Which dollar is more likely to be spent immediately and which is more likely to end up in an off shore tax haven?

Why is there always money for tax breaks and incentives to wealthy corporate businesses opening a new location but not money for higher education or healthcare? Would citizens contribute more to society with a better education and if healthy? In the long run, they would make more money and consequently pay more taxes. Everybody wins.

Why is the party of small government trying to control what happens in bedrooms? Who gets married, uses birth control and has sex are not government concerns if between consenting adults.

Our government is colluding with fossil fuel companies to deprive our children of a future livable climate. Deregulating pollution does not serve the long-term health of the environment and citizens. Is it possible that lobbyists are bribing politicians and using propaganda to get you to vote against your own interests.

Why do our “leaders” turn a blind eye to these incongruences? Maybe we should demand more from them.

Bryan Van Gorp