Teams complete Better U contest, partners keep accountability

Jordan Gerard

The annual Better U Fitness Center contest proved that working out with friends is twice as fun.

This year’s contest had teams of two working together to lose the most body weight percentage.

About 16 contestants began their workout routines on Jan. 7, weighing in every two weeks. Finally, on April 5 the results were tallied and the winners announced.

First place went to friends Leonard Splittstoesser and Dave Darrington. They lost an average of 9.20% of their combined body weight during the contest period.

Second place was the husband and wife team of Mike and Karen Folstad, who lost an average 7.79% of their combined body weight.

Third place was sisters-in-law Anne Stoen and Kylie Kraus, who lost an average of 5.79% of their combined body weight.

All participants lost an average of 12 lbs. and 5.27% of their bodyweight.

Contestants said they enjoyed the contest with partners better than individually. It provides accountability to themselves and another person.

“I like partners the best,” Splittstoesser said. “The main benefit is the support we give one another.”

His friend Darrington said it was easy for partners to communicate about how they were doing during the week.

“I did better because of it,” he said. “We let each other know where we’re at during the week.”

Partners were able to work out together or separately. Stoen and Kraus tried to work out together often, but worked out alone when their schedules didn’t match.

“If you have a poor weigh in, you’re letting your partner down,” Splittstoesser added. 

Folstad said there can be some competition among the partners also, which is good fun.

The contest has hosted partners and individual competitions in previous years.

Fitness Center manager Brandon Bergey said the best thing about having a workout partner is that it keeps people accountable.

“When someone has similar goals and encourages, motivates and supports you, it is a lot harder to skip a workout or eat a bad meal,” he said. “...It makes working out fun and the time flies by. The more fun you have [with] something the more likely you are to continue with it.”

The Fitness Center is hosting another weight loss contest for the spring and summer season. This one will be for individuals.

It starts on Monday, April 29, and goes until July 10. The cost is a $25 joining fee and Fitness Center membership. Winners are determined by body weight percentage lost.