Trail runners appreciate Chatfield ‘treasure’

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I run with a group called SE MN Trail Runners, with members from all over the area. For several years now, we have come to Chatfield for the Western Days run held on the Lost Creek Hiking trail. We also schedule our own group runs/snowshoe hikes there throughout the year. It is one of our favorite trails to run on both for the driftless area beauty and the well marked trail.

Yesterday, we were again in Chatfield for the Lost Creek Hiking Trail annual free run held by the Bluff Country Hiking Club. We share the event on our Facebook page to encourage participation and donations toward trail maintenance. While it was rather overcast, it really was a perfect fall day to be out on the trails.

As always, I spent a lot of time on the trail feeling very appreciative of all it takes keep the trail open. Thanks to those who let us run on their beautiful land, those who maintain the trail, and those who help support it financially. What a treasure you have there!


Lonna Simanovski