Two vacancies looming on SV Library Board

Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

Spring Valley’s Library Board, during its final meeting of 2019 on Thursday, Nov. 21, dealt with various matters, including that at the end of this year, there will be two vacancies because Rita Bezdicek and Karen Cleveland will finish their terms. 

A suggestion was made that parents of young library patrons might be valuable additions to the board.  Interested applicants for the position, which has a term of four years, can submit a letter of interest in person or by mail to City Hall. The mayor makes appointments in January during a City Council meeting.

In personnel matters, Cleveland made a motion for the hiring of Chelsey Alverson to replace library assistant Klarissa Schoppers for the first and third Saturdays of each month, beginning in January. Alverson is already training as a substitute aide. 

The board and library director Jenny Simon expressed their appreciation to Schoppers, who has been a library assistant for the past several years, noting that she will be missed. 

The board welcomed Spring Valley Southeast Libraries Cooperating (SELCO) representative Stu Gross to the meeting to speak about the library’s current status of its investments in the SELCO Foundation’s care. Gross sought the board’s input on how to allocate some of the savings when the next certificate of deposit comes due.    

The board approved having a $250 check written from the city library fund to the SELCO Foundation per the wishes of the donors, the Spring Valley Class of 1961, as the check was originally written to the library but with the intent that it be invested with the SELCO Foundation. 

In facility matters, Sheldon Plumbing and Heating will replace the library’s broken water fountain at a cost of $1,236.      

The library recently hosted a presentation on genealogy given by Rick Crume. Simon reported that there were 20 attendees and that the program was enjoyable. 

She also gave several other updates. The library has applications submitted for Library Legacy Fund programs for the summer 2020 children’s summer reading program, with two programs already on the calendar. The Spring Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars’ original charter certificate is now on display in the fireside reading room. Also, NP Community, the organization that has accepted donated goods from the Spring Valley area community, picked up its bins from the library parking lot so the library will no longer accept donations other than books and DVDs that have been approved by staff.   

The board expressed its appreciation to Evelyn Clark and Kathy Clark for their donation in memory of Barb Potthoff, as well as to those giving memorials to honor Loretta Hansen to the SELCO Foundation for investment in the library’s future: Larry and Mary Grems, Stu and Carol Gross, Don and Judy Rose, Vince and Laura Mangan and Buster and Annette Johnson. Also, memorials were given directly to the library for possible immediate use from Bruce and Rita Hartert, Shirley Gangstad, Marilyn Wojtkiewicz and Kathy Moeller. 

Appreciation was extended to Pat and Harlan Bucknell and Bonnie Kruegel for their respective donations to the library, to Bluff Country Toastmasters for that organization’s gratitude for the use of the library’s meeting room, from Lee and Carol Himle in memory of Ruth Franke’s mother, Esther Beseke – for whom there were also memorials given by Jim and Sue Cavanaugh, and Karen and Jerry Cleveland in part to the SELCO Foundation.  The Clevelands also contributed to the SELCO Foundation to honor Barb Potthoff and Loretta Hansen. 

The Spring Valley Public Library is open Monday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 7 p.m., and the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The friendly library staff is available to answer just about any question, including which section of the library has cookbooks to guide patrons on what to do with the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers haunting the refrigerator.  For more information, stop in at the library just off Broadway behind First National Bank, or call 507-346-2100.   

Note: The Tribune was unable to attend the meeting, but the unofficial minutes were made available.