Tyler Nagel named May Kiwanis Student of Month

Tyler Nagel
Gretchen Mensink Lovejoy

The Spring Valley Kiwanis Club has chosen Tyler Nagel as one of its two May Kiwanis Students of the Month.  He is the son of Shawn and Cathy Nagel and Shannon and Robert Vogen. 

The Kingsland senior is active in Knowledge Bowl, Key Club and Student Council – all of which he enjoys equally – and has also participated in all of those in the past, plus lending a hand to the Kingsland prom committee.  “Biology and history are my favorite subjects, but my least favorite is chemistry,” he commented. 

The 17-year-old spends his time outside of school working at A&W, which he enjoys because he likes working with his friends, he stated, adding that in his spare time, he likes to sleep, read and watch Netflix. In his free time, he’s also trying to learn American Sign Language. 

His favorite movie is “The Bee Movie,” which he said is “funny, entertaining and altogether is a cinematic masterpiece.”  His favorite book is “They All Die at the End,” which he considers “well-written, interesting and emotional.”  He listens to mostly pop music, while he claims immature people are his biggest pet peeve, and he could live on tacos for the rest of his life.

“I don’t really find any food gross because I’ll eat about anything,” he added.

If he could travel to any country in the world, he’d choose the entire continent of Europe.  He said he would like to travel around Europe because “I love the culture and architecture. If I were given free airfare to any state, I’d go to Hawaii because it’s so much different than any other state, and it looks really beautiful there.”    

He most admires Cody Ko, Elon Musk and Boss Ross, who “are all super-successful, and I hope to someday be like them,” he said. 

“If I could do one thing to change the world, I would work on replanting the rainforest because deforestation is trees and the planet, and it needs to be stopped,” said Nagel.

After graduation, he plans to do something in the biology or medical field. 

“I want to help people and make a real difference in the world,” he said.

The Kiwanis will honor Nagel and his parents during May.