Various reports fill Fillmore Central Board meeting

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The Fillmore Central School Board met on Tuesday, Nov. 27, to hear several reports, including the audit report for 2017 and the Worlds Best Workforce Annual Review.

First, Kali Olstad from Smith & Schafer presented the audit report, noting the school’s average daily membership increased by ten in 2018 from 2017. These numbers are what drive the district funding, she stated. Revenues from state aids, federal aids and other modes of fundraising and donations increased; however, property taxes decreased though the property tax levy history has remained consistent over the past several years.

Olstad summarized the findings for the board sharing the general fund revenues exceeded expenditures by $542,236 for 2018. The UFARS unassigned general fund balance at June 30 is 22.1 percent of the current general fund expenditures. She commented the district’s policy is for that percentage to be no lower than eight percent and no higher than 25 percent. The food service fund expenditures exceeded revenues by $5,179 for 2018 since the school is trying to bring down its fund balance. The food service fund thus ended the year with a balance of $125,959. The community service fund also saw expenditures exceed revenues by $17,295 for 2018, ending the year with a balance of $282,639.

The audit report was approved by the board.

Worlds Best Workforce Annual Review

Superintendent Richard Keith shared kindergarten readiness is one of the first of five goals for Fillmore Central in the Worlds Best Workforce plan. Fillmore Central had set a goal of 90 percent of the students being ready, and it was met with 97.9 percent.

The second addressed third grade achievement grade level literacy. This goal was set at 80 percent, however it was not met. Fillmore Central settled at 50 percent, though a lot of factors from other schools also came into play. The school has been working to address these including implementing the Action 100 program and this year introducing coaches in the program. The school also added kindergarten, Title I and special education teacher to the staff.

The third goal is to close achievement gaps between students with free and reduced lunches and those without free and reduced lunches. Keith noted those who do not tend to have a better educational start with more support at home. Fillmore Central wanted to be at five percent or less for a gap, but it was 17.4 percent. Additional staff was also brought in to help achieve this goal.

The fourth goal is college readiness. This is evaluated by taking the eighth grade tests. The goal was to have 65 percent, but it was 41 percent. A special education teacher was hired at the high school, the ALEX math tutorial program was implemented and the hope is that the story-type problems will be helped with the reading program.

Finally, the fifth goal was to have all students graduating, looking at a four-year span. The goal for the school is to have 90 percent graduate, and this goal was met with 95.5 percent graduating last year. The introduction of the alternative learning program offered in the summer helped to achieve this goal.

Keith noted the state is also wanting to address equitable access to excellent teachers, ensuring all students have access to good, experienced teachers. This is easier to do in Fillmore Central than in bigger schools, but Fillmore Central had over 80 percent teachers designated as excellent.

The board approved the report


Principal Heath Olstad presented his report as well. The Three Rivers Honor band and choir concert was on Nov. 5 at Plainview-Elgin-Millville. Conferences were held on Nov. 8, and the following day ALICE training was held. Two Fillmore County deputies assisted in the training. Scenario testing was done at the high school, and the testing will be done at the elementary school at a later date.

The Veterans Day program was held on Nov. 12 at each site. A couple of days later, on Nov. 15, Scholar Club awards were presented to the students. That week was also National Education Week and Olstad thanked the staff and the community for helping make the school so strong.

The One & Done fundraiser finished up with a party and rewards, including limo rides. The fundraiser made $10,987.99 profit.

The spelling bee was held on Nov. 13. Audra Otto received first place, Maddox Wolfgram received second place and Zachary Krage received third place. Audra and Maddox will represent the school at the regional spelling bee in Rochester in February.

Dates to note are an early dismissal on Dec. 7; the kindergarten to fourth grade holiday concert and fifth and sixth grade band and choir concert in Preston on Dec. 17 at 1 and 6 p.m.; and winter break from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2.

Special Education Director Micki Breitsprecher updated the board about the special athletic competition fundraiser. Kelsey Woellert obtained Christmas ornaments to be purchased for raising funds for donations, t-shirts and food for the competition day in Winona on May 17.


The board approved two volunteer wrestling coaches.

Sashia Sharpton was hired to be an aid in the toddler room in daycare.

Stacey Miller was also hired as a van driver and custodial/IT employee.

Other business

The truth-in-taxation meeting will be held at 6:01 p.m. in Harmony on Tuesday, Dec. 18, prior to the regular board meeting.

Superintendent Keith informed the board the school assigned fund balance to several areas. Roof repairs received an additional $500,000 to its $2.5 million, technology received $500,000, transportation $100,000, building maintenance $700,000 for the secure entrance and lunch room remodeling at the high school and $200,000 for the parking lot.