Vote for Feehan, Trehus

Open Forum

I urge you to vote for Dan Feehan and Thomas Trehus on Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Their opponents have old ideas and support failing policies that favor the special interests, not the public good. Feehan and Trehus will work for you and bring fresh energy to the offices of U.S. representative (Feehan) and state representative (Trehus).

Feehan and Trehus will work for affordable healthcare for you and your families. Their opponents are trying to take it away.

Trehus pledges to ensure that our schools are totally funded and students have the same opportunities as those in the Twin Cities. There is a tremendous difference in funding per pupil between schools in Fillmore and Houston counties and those in the Twin Cities. Time and time again, his opponent has voted to cut millions of dollars in public school funding.

Feehan will work to help our area by pledging to invest in the infrastructure and protect our farmers by fighting for fair trade deals. He will stand up to corporate interests. He has refused to take corporate PAC money because his only concern is doing what is best for Minnesota. His opponent is beholden to corporate interests and supports the president’s tariffs that are hurting our farmers.

“Your vote counts. One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy

Check your registration status and find your polling place at

Please vote on Nov. 6!

X Feehan - U.S. Representative

X Trehus -   State Representative

Sandra Manion