Where’s apology from deceitful letter-writer?

Shame on you, "Ronald Vitter." A Catalpa, LLC, supporter using a false name wrote a misleading letter to the editor published in the Spring Grove Herald and Bluff Country Reader.  The letter was an insult to locals who are rightly concerned about the impacts on our community of 5,000 sows and other consequences of the proposed Catalpa, LLC, facility.

The Bluff Country Newspaper Group discovered "Ronald Vitter” lied about his identity and the newspaper published its apology on Aug. 16, for having been fooled into publishing the misleading letter to the editor.  The Bluff Country Newspaper Group also thanked citizens who helped uncover the lie.

We have heard no apology from the person who deceitfully claimed to be “Ronald Vitter.”

Unfortunately, this conduct by a Catalpa, LLC, supporter is unsurprising since "Ronald Vitter" had previously sent a Responsible Agriculture in Karst Country (RAKC) member messages containing falsehoods and a thinly veiled threat. Why do you suppose “Ronald Vitter” hid behind a false name?

This behavior by “Ronald Vitter” is unethical and unacceptable. Thank you to the Bluff Country Newspaper Group for investigating this person’s lie and for your transparency!


Dayna Burtness

Nettle Valley Farm

Spring Grove